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    Should I or shouldn't I...

    Eight weeks into my wine and into clearing -racked and added Kieselsol and was waiting a hour to add Clarifier but had family emergency and spent the last 4 days at hospital. After Kieselsol everything I have read says add clarifier within 24 hours....should I just go ahead and add the...
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    Acid Blend short..replacement?

    Using a wine concentrate and have everything almost mixed when dropped bottle of Acid Blend needed 5 T. and only now have 1T- 1 1/2 t in...haven't put in yeast yet..should I put yeast in or wait until I get the Acid Blend and how long can I wait?
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    Wine Kitz Wine Kit blowing the cork

    :?:?:?Ok I am a sort of newbie....I have made 6 different wines from scratch with fresh fruit and 2 kits...I used a Black Raspberry wine kit 6 months ago and went totally by instructions..and actually let it sit a week or 2 longer before almost 6 months later I have had 3 bottles...