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    I'm getting ready to start my 3rd kit it is Wineexpert private reserve Zinfandel. My first two, although drinkable tasted like they oxidized a little. Like red wine left out overnight. The first I never topped off the final carboy and had about 3 inches of head space below the neck . The 2nd...
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    Temperature Control

    I need to add a little heat to my primary and secondary fermenters. Any recommendations for an inexpensive heater with control? I make my wine in the basement and it is a little too cool (65 F).
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    Star San

    I have used sulfite in the past to sanitize but I thought Star San might be an improvement. I know the slogan "don't fear the foam" but as I started to sanitize my bottles, they were filling with foam. I didn't want to ruin a batch of wine so I went back to sulfite. Would the foam be a...
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    WineXpert Red Flavor

    I have made 2 batches using Winexpert International Selections. The first was a Shiraz and I recently bottled a Montepulciano which I tried after about 3 weeks bulk aging and w weeks in the bottle. The Shiraz did also not age very long. Both wines had a similar taste that wasn't as good as I...
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    Red Wine Flavor

    I just bottled my 2nd batch of wine. The first was a Shiraz and this is Italian Montepulciano. Both are Winexpert International Selection kits. I followed all the directions and was careful to sanitize everything. Both wines taste OK but both seem to have the same slight "off taste". I...
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    WineXpert Two secondary fermenters

    I am on my just on my 3rd batch of wine. The instructions call for racking a second time into another glass carboy. I haven't done this in the past and my wine has cleared nicely. Is it important?