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    Wanted to find a recipe for a flavor pack. Can One freeze them until ready to use? Thanks
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    dragon fruit wine

    I'm trying to order up some kits for next spring and summer. I really like the island mist kits.. And bumping up the kit by adding concentrates and about a pound of sugar. I'm curious if anyone has tried the Dragonfruit Shiraz kit (winexpert). I just purchased the kit. I tried the search on the...
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    Freezing Yeast

    I purchased not long ago a packet of yeast and Yeast Energized. I didn't need it at the time...I was wondering of freezing the yeast and energized would harm them?
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    I started my Coconut Yuzu Sept. 11th adding additional sugar which the S G. Read 1.115 Its now on the second rack and it's taken awhile to "calm" down on the activity. Been taking readings after the 10 day stay in second rack every two days to check S G. The reading at this point on the S.G...
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    Where To Purchase Grapes

    I've been enjoying the process of wine making with kits. These kits have introduced me to equipment and the hydrometer. Next harvest season I would like to experiment in purchasing grapes to crush. Where do you recommend. Do I have to obtain a contract? Thanks
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    Hurricane Irma

    I hope everyone stays safe. Praying for them. I have. 92 year old friend in Gainesville...I haven't heard from that area.
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    Figuring How Much Sugar

    I've going to try to bump up my alcohol content to a 13% level on my Coconut Yuzu wine. I think I have the idea using Jack Kellers table...for 6 gallons to reach a 13% I would have to add 12 pounds of sugar. Can I use Cane Sugar as I didn't order but one pound of Corn Sugar?
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    Chocolate Raspberry

    I've learned yesterday my order for the Chocolate Raspberry Wine will be mailed Tuesday. Im excited to finally get it on it's way. Since it is a port type wine will there be a difference in the process? Do I stir it daily? Am I working myself into a frinzy? Thanks ahead of time for any "hints"...
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    Alcohol Rootbeer?

    I've had my first taste of hard cider today and it was very good. While at the store I saw Rootbeer and other types of drinks. Does anyone know the recipe for Rootbeer ?
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    grape crushers

    I've been looking through the equipment section of this forum and the Wine magazines. I'm just trying to figure out this "wine making" process. I'm curious, with a grape destemmer and grape crusher..It crushed the grapes...where do the seeds go? I see from some articles that crushing the seeds...
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    Whats Legal Limit?

    I was wondering... the private individual making wine for own much wine (bottles) can one produce per household? I'm enjoying this hobby but I don't want to go over legal limit . Does it vary from state to state? Thanks
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    stir the must

    I've read to stir the must at least twice a day on some threads. Do I "whip" it up with the wand on the end of the drill or just gently swirl it? On the instructions of the wine kits I have made (only two so far) it says do not stir yeast will activate on it's own. Thereafter it...
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    Adding Surgar

    My Black Raspberry Merlot Island Mist Kit is coming soon. I want to "bump" up the alcohol a bit so I ordered 1# of corn syrup and grape concentrate. When I add this sugar I wonder will this extend the fermenting time beyond the 5-7 day period?
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    tweeking cheap wines

    Oh my! I have found a thread that I love! I'm on page 29 so far and have spent about three hours enjoying those inventive wine maker's. I thought I would try a another Island Mist wine. I wanted to try adding more concentrate and corn syrup to the mix. My hand will be shaking...however once I...
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    Glass Beads For Topping

    Since I'm just starting out with equipment from my all- in-one box starter kit...I am hesitate to purchasing a number of different sizes of carboys. My problem is storaging the carboys. I just downsized to a very comfortable small home. I've been looking at options that might help me maintain a...
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    siphon rod

    Cleaning the siphon rod of what looks like sediment has become a challenge. I've used the siphon once before and it came clean but now holding it up to light I have a "film" of wine .Took a cotton Q Tip thinking it would reach the curved area however it only reached a short space. Washed it in...
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    On my second fermentation it's slowing down. I've got about 5 more days according to directions (Winexpert Diablo Rojo). If I still see more activity would I go with the idea of no activity or by the reading if my hydrometer reading they recommended?
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    New To Wine

    Good morning. I'm very new to this art of wine making. I began this journey by some people that have their vineyards established suggesting on experimenting with wines. We are in the eastern section of Texas which means to us we have to grow hybrid grapes . Of course those selling vines say it's...