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    Total SO2 and sensory limit

    Maybe I'll take it out of the barrel soon and accept that as it's limit as time spending under oak. In a wine with a lower pH that will be another matter and could spend more time under oak. Sounds like one tsp into say 5 gallons over a year would be adding 250 ppm if I've done the...
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    Total SO2 and sensory limit

    Hi folks, Wondering what you find would be the total SO2 added to red wine before you end up detecting it in the final product which leads to a chemical taste? I've read 100 ppm, 120 ppm, and 150 ppm. I now have a wine in a barrel that is loosing about 20 ppm of free SO2 every 4 weeks...
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    Any Quebec amateur wine making clubs?

    Hi Folks, I'm surprised I'm unable to find any winemaking clubs in the province of Quebec from my search I've done on-line. I also checked with the Amateur Winemakers of Canada web page, and nothing shows up for Quebec. Hoping if any Quebecers reading this might know of any? Thanks, Rob
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    Pectic Enzyme - How Long Does its Take?

    I just did a rosé wine and Chitosan and Kieselsol cleared up the haze very well after about a week and a half. Rob
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    Fermaid Additions

    Great idea, here's the link: CSM seems even worst for the YAN requirements, although I like it for Hybrid grapes. MoreWine has helped me out a lot too, good basic principles. Rob
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    Fermaid Additions

    Thanks Craig, I've been seeing more H2S issues with yeasts such as CSM and RC212 and they are high N demand yeasts. The latest must I've used is from Niagara Falls, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and the grower has told me the grapes usually are on the low side for YAN. The package I have is labelled...
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    Fermaid Additions

    I usually add half at the beginning of the Cap formation. How do you calculate how much to add?
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    Fermaid Additions

    Would like to compare notes. How much Fermaid do you usually add at beginning of fermentation and how much at 1/3 sugar depletion? Sometimes I get H2S issues with the rate on the bag of 0.3 g/Litre. For example when doing 70 litres of must, would come to 21 g of Fermaid, and would add about...
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    Re-using malolactic bacteria in package

    Glad to know it will keep for a while. I have several batches and frozen musts fermenting at different times over a couple of months so its a plus if I can get some mileage out of one or two packages over that period of time. I prefer to co-inoculate, but if does not work by the end of the AF, I...
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    Re-using malolactic bacteria in package

    Wondering how long a package of malolactic bacteria will keep once it is opened and stored in a zip loc bag in a freezer? I think I've seen on the web somewhere that it could maybe keep for a few months, but not sure how accurate this is. Scott Labs has told me it would be better to buy some...
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    Vinyl or Nitrile Gloves Tainting Wine?

    Yesterday I spent about 8 hours using the same pair of gloves from preparation of the equipment/sanitation with Kmeta, getting the basket press sanitized, the hose, the carboys, pressing the grapes, and finally pressing some left over pulp/skins by hand, maybe I could have put all of it into the...
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    Vinyl or Nitrile Gloves Tainting Wine?

    Thanks, will just use Star San in the future. Stuff sure is wonderful. Works quicker at sanitizing than Kmeta, and much easier on the lungs and throat:h. I've send an email to the glove company to check on the leaching of the dye. Don't want to have to dump the wine since got over 10 gallons.
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    Vinyl or Nitrile Gloves Tainting Wine?

    Wondering if I should stop using medical nitrile or vinyl gloves to handle winemaking equipment and especially squeezing the must using a nylon bags. The gloves are blue in color, powder free, and even though it lists food application on the box, the blue color fades after a while and worried...
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    Some ways to get rid of TCA in Wine

    Just came across this article on possible ways to eliminate TCA in tainted wine. Here's the link: The article explains that saran...
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    MLF for a Pinot Noir?

    Just finished doing a wine from my own Pinot Noir grapes and it was also my first vintage and fermentation of this variety. Used CSM yeast and Alpha as the malo. Did a co-inoculation. After wine finished, pressed the wine, racked off the gross lees, did a chromatography and found it did not...
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    High pH Low TA Frontenac - Unexpected

    Ok thanks for the suggestion. Rob
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    I concur about adding wine instead of water, and when you have to add small amounts of water say when you are adding yeast nutrients, etc. at the beginning, or sulphites later on dissolved in a bit of water, you are better off using distilled water so not to add any chlorine or anything else. Rob
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    High pH Low TA Frontenac - Unexpected

    Never thought I’d experience anything like this, usually have to deal with grapes a bit on the higher side of acidity here in Quebec. Think its because it’s been so hot this summer that things are now reversed. Just finished fermenting and doing a Malo on a blend of Frontenac with a bit of...
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    Yeast Selections

    I've been using CSM yeast to ferment Hybrids and Cab Sauvignon and sometimes run into H2S issues since the yeast's N demands are high. I like the way it produces intense flavors, reduces green characters, and good compatibility with malo. But searching for something else due to it's sometimes...
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    Some H2S early into fermentation

    Hi All, Thanks for your tips and it worked. I'm happy to say yesterday I resolved the H2S issue. I left the fermentation lock off for 6 hours and stirred vigorously every 2 hours during that period while adding small amounts of DAP and Nutristart, added 1.2g of DAP and a 1.2 g of Nutristart, and...