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  1. xanxer82

    Pumpkin Ale

    I bought a brewer's best ale kit and dumped in two cans of pumpkin at primary. This was just over a week ago. Racked the beer to let it trub out. It tastes pretty good so far.
  2. xanxer82

    Scored some concord

    My old boss from the county job gave me almost 5 lbs of concord grapes and a big jar of freshly make grape juice. Brix is at 18. Will adjust with sugar and will most likely need to adjust acid. Going to try to get the brix up to 24. I really like where I work :) I think I can get a gallon...
  3. xanxer82

    2007 Frozen Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes

    My pail from Midwest arrived. I regret not getting two pails. Brix was at 24.
  4. xanxer82

    5 Gallon Glass Carboy Score!

    This guy down the road has about 300 of these 5 gallon glass carboys. The previously held spring water (even had labels on some) He's selling them at $20 each or if you buy 6 or more at $18 each. I ended up getting 5. Here is the link for any locals...
  5. xanxer82

    Maryland Wine Festival Competition

    The Maryland Wine Festival is having an amateur winemaker competition. I plan on entering 4 of my wines. The Bergamais, Blueberry Shiraz, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. At $1.00 per entry I can't go wrong.
  6. xanxer82

    Maryland Wine Festival Competition

    The Maryland Wine Festival is having an amateur winemaker competition. I plan on entering 4 of my wines. The Bergamais, Blueberry Shiraz, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. At $1.00 per entry I can't go wrong.
  7. xanxer82

    Cranberry Wine Back Sweetening

    So a few weeks ago I started a cranberry wine from Old Orchard concentrates. It's finished fermenting at about 10.5% abv. Which is what I was going for. It certainly needs back sweetening. Just how to go about it is the issue. I think if I just use simple syrup and water I will love a lot of...
  8. xanxer82

    Mullberry & Wild Raspberry Wine

    I made up a batch of mullberry and wild raspberry wine tonight. Here is the recipe I used 5lbs mulberries that I harvested and froze a while ago. about 1/2 lb of wild raspberries that I harvested and froze. 1/2 tsp pectic enzyme 3/4 tsp acid blend 1/4 tsp wine tannin 1/2 tsp yeast...
  9. xanxer82

    Fermenters on the Cheap

    Saw these on EBay they are HDPE. http://cgi.ebay.com/Beer-Fermenter-Drum-Barrel-Keg-Water-Storage-Survival-/350375163603?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5193fcb6d3
  10. xanxer82

    Old Orchard Cranberry Wine

    I started a cranberry wine from old orchard frozen cranberry juice. Here is what I used to make a 5 gallon batch. 8 12-oz cans of old orchard frozen cranberry juice 1 lb of golden raisins Pectic enzyme Yeast nutrient Water to 5 gallons Sugar to SG 1.080 since the raisins would release...
  11. xanxer82

    Chateau Bolton

    I think I just got closer to realizing my dream of opening my vineyard. I met a lady at work that owns a big farm and wants to sell some land to me. It's a nice property and is well suited to grow grapes. Kat checked out the land at work. She works for county governments development review...
  12. xanxer82

    Cellar Craft CC International Pinot Noir w/ Crushed Grapes

    Just pitched the yeast for this kit. First kit with a big squishy pack of grapes. Hope it turns out nicely!
  13. xanxer82

    Taking Stock

    Today after work, I took a quick look at how much wine I have. I was suprised to see I have 28 gallons of various kits and fresh fruit wine in carboys at the moment (at various stages of clearing, stabilizing and aging). I also took a quick tally of how many bottles I have left in my "treasure...
  14. xanxer82

    RJ Spagnols Grand Cru Merlot

    Just pitched the yeast for the Grand Cru Merlot. SG 1.085 at 80 deg. F. :) hopefully this kit turns out nice. A shame it didn't have grape skins though. I think that would have made a difference.
  15. xanxer82

    Plastic Wine Bottles & Boxed Wine

    Found an article about plastic wine bottles and boxed wine. http://www.greenbiz.com/news/2010/05/18/plastic-packaging-good-wine-footprint-bad-quality
  16. xanxer82

    Concord Vines

    Just planted two concord vines yesterday. Bought them from Lowes. I know, not the best but for the price, I couldn't pass them up. The only thing I'm worried about is that they were pretty dry when I opened the container. Been making sure to keep the soil moist.
  17. xanxer82

    Concord Vines

    Just planted some Concord vines I bought at Lowes. They were pretty dry but I gave them plenty of water. Hopefully they make it. So far I have two vines. 6' spacing. I still have a generic White Grape vine at my parent's house that Just started fruiting. Here are some pictures. I want to get...
  18. xanxer82

    Bringing it Back

    Found this website that can make your favorite website look like it's out of the 90's. I thought you guys might like to play around with this, http://wonder-tonic.com/geocitiesizer/index.php
  19. xanxer82

    RJ Spagnols Crand Cru Barolo

    Just pitched yeast for this kit. The must smelled really really good. Oh and George, there wasn't a drop of juice in between the bags on this kit. Date code 20091105. This kit had a medium toast oak powder and dried sangiovese skins. SG at 1.100 at 73 degrees F.
  20. xanxer82

    Overtime Earnings - Gone!

    Well I earned some extra money on this check and decided to spring for a new refractometer and another carboy handle. Also got a couple of spare packets of yeast. :)