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    Carboys for sale or trade (Chicago area)

    Anyone interested in a couple of glass 3-gallon carboys? I would be most interested in trading them for one glass 6-gallon. But $20 cash for each would work as well.
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    RJ Spagnols Double Down Bourbon Barrel Red

    Did any one else pre-order this kit? It was supposed to ship in October. Has anyone received one yet?
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    Wine kits on sale

    Starting this thread to let everyone know when a site has wine kits for sale at a competitive rate. Please post here when you come across a good deal. Thanks!
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    WineXpert Sulphite/Sorbate

    My latest WE kit LE18 Barbaresco came with a 9.5g packet of Sulphite/Sorbate which makes it impossible to skip the Sorbate without using plain Sulphite from a different source. Not a deal breaker, just need to provide my own Sulphite and toss the Sulphite/Sorbate combo in the trash along with...
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    Now what?

    With the closing of Finevinewines, I've lost my source for Vineco, Rj Spagnols, and Mosti Mondiale. Label peelers still rocks for Winexpert. Anyone have any suggestions on where to source the other brands? Having Winexpert as the only option will quickly become very monotonous. I realize the...
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    Other How to read the date codes

    Mosti Mondiale - First digit is last digit of year, next 2 are the month and the last 2 is the day. 50807 = August 7, 2015 RJ Spagnols - First 4 digits are the year, next 2 are the month and the last 2 is the day. 20150807 = August 7, 2015 Winexpert - First 2 digits is the batch number. Next...
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    Other Grapeskin and Sur Lie kit updates

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    Free: Big Mouth Bubbler

    Anyone in the chicago area interested in a Big Mouth Bubbler. Free to good/any home. Not recommended for wine making, I hear it's much better suited to beer. Reply, or PM. Thanks! Brian
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    This is a joke, right?

    Got this e-mail from WTSO today: Dear Brian, We are deeply sorry to inform you that due to state regulations we are unable to ship to the state of Illinois at this time. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We apologize for this inconvenience. - WTSO
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    Can these be used for wine or beer?

    I inherited these three and I'm trying to figure out what they're used for. Not much info on the tag other than they're made by http://www.alloyproductscorp.com/index.html and listed as 130psi max and were made in 1994. My calculations based on outside measurement put them at about 14 gal...
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    WineXpert Eclipse Barolo

    We're down to the last couple bottles from 3/2013. This has been a nice drinkable wine since somewhere between the 18-24 month mark. But at three years, it's now showing some of the wonderful characteristics of some of the finer commercial barolo's we've enjoyed. Wish we'd let more of this...
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    Other Primary fermenter

    I'm about to order my third plastic bucket primary fermenter. Before I do, does anyone use anything other than the basic bucket available everywhere? If so, what, and do you find it's any better?
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    WineXpert Eclipse Pinot Noir

    Finally getting good at 21 months old. I handed a glass to the wife last night and she just assumed I had opened a store bought bottle, since it had no trace of KT. This wine showed potential in the few bottles we opened prior to this (12-18 months out), but something was off, it just plain...