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  1. DaveMcC

    Successful first attempt at paper chromatography

    First time out with a MLF chromatograph. Worked very well and gave me the information I needed; M1, M2 (malbec) and C (cab sav) finished, zinfandel 1 and 2 still in process.
  2. DaveMcC

    Spanish Cedar spirals

    When ordering some oak spirals for my wines (Malbec, OVZ, and Cab Sav), I came across the "Spanish Cedar" light toast spirals which are used, I gather, mostly in beer home brewing. Anyone try this wood in wine? I also understand that is is not really a cedar, but a form of SA mahogany. It has a...
  3. DaveMcC

    Slight cooked wine flavor. Any remedies?

    I have 23 gallons each of Malbec and Old Vine Zinfandel and another 10 gallons of Cab Sauv. finishing primary and ready to rack. The Cab and Zin are doing fine, but the Malbec is my problem child. At the end of primary (.997 and stuck there for a few days), I have a slight "cooked" off flavor...