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    I want to avoid the tedious task of degassing with a wine whip. How long do I need to keep the wine in bulk storage to make sure all the C02 has dissipated ? I realize that all wines are different. I'm looking for ballpark. Nine months........one year? Thanks
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    I’m curious how many times most of you rack your wine in a one year period before bottling. In terms of volume, I make seven six gallon carboys per season. thanks.
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    Chancellor juice

    September 2019 I purchased a bucket of Chancellor juice from the Finger Lakes in NYS. From the start I didn't care for the aroma or taste. I bottled today. It is pink in color and tastes like a rose. When I do research on the grape it describes it in the burgundy family and being dark...
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    When I first started wine making with kits, they always included bentonite to clear the wine. Now I buy buckets of fresh juice and usually leave the wine in carboys for 11-12 months. Would there be any advantage for me to put some bentonite in my juice at the start of fermentation? Tganks WV
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    Campden Tablets

    Having come from a brewing background, I have always used Star-San as my no rinse sanitizer. Do Campden tablets work the same or do you need to rinse the bottles. EJ Kraus is selling packages of 100 on line for $5.85 with free shipping. Seems like a good deal. I would love to hear your...
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    Weight for a bucket of juice

    Hard to believe but I can't find this information anywhere online. What is the weight for a six gallon bucket of juice. I am thinking of buying seven and transporting in a subaru Forester. Thanks
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    Blending red wines

    What are some varieties of red wines that mix well together. I am looking at possibly getting Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chianti. Not all of them. Just throwing out some possibilities. Thanks
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    Potassium Sorbate

    I've seen conflicting amounts before bottling. As much as 3.75 tsp. per 5 gallons and as little as 2.5 tsp. What is common? Thanks BV
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    Chancellor juice from finger lakes

    First time using this juice. Racked several times. Four months in carboy and it tastes awful. On the very sour side. Does this grape need a lot of time? thanks WV
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    Chancellor juice from Finger lake region

    First time using this juice. Racked several times. Four months in carboy now and it tastes awful. On the very sour side. Does this grape need a lot of time? thanks
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    Blending Barolo, Montepulciano and Pino Grigio

    As an experiment going into secondary. I have six gallon buckets of each variety above and five gallon carboys. That leaves a gallon of each variety left over. I have a three gallon carboy and would like to make use of it instead of racking into individual gallon jugs. Would this be a waste...
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    This doesn't look good

    Purchased a 6 gallon bucket of Chancellor from the Finger Lakes. It fermented down to .996 and I racked it to a 5 gallon carboy and 1 gallon jug. I noticed a grit or sandlike material on the side of the bucket as it drained. That seemed odd to me. It's been two weeks and I can see that same...
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    Sand in the bucket?

    I purchased a bucket of Chancellor from the Finger Lakes Region. Racked it out of the bucket into secondary and there seems to be something like sand clinging to the sides. Very gritty. It also produced patterns on the bucket walls in a similar way that frost does on a window pane. Any...
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    Driving off C02

    After about 6-8 weeks, my practice has been to rack to a bucket and use a wine whip on a drill motor to drive off the C02 and eliminate any fizzy wine down the road. How long do most of you whip the wine to accomplish this? I've been doing 20-30 minutes and it's very tedious. Wondering if...
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    Low Opening gravity

    Purchased two buckets of juice from my local shop. Montepulciano and Barolo from Italy. Brought the buckets home and warmed them up before pitching. I was very surprised to see the opening gravity at 1.030 for both buckets. Seems they fermented on the long trip overseas. I pitched BM 4X4 in...
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    Pail size

    When you buy a 6 gallon pail of fresh juice, do you feel the need to put it into a larger vessel or just pitch the yeast in the bucket that it came in. WV
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    Reusing bottles

    After emptying a bottle, is there anything more to do than rinsing and sanitizing?
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    Pinot Grigio 1.000-.998

    After one week the wine is at the above readings. I want to ferment it down a bit lower. The wine is in a chilly basement so I have a thermostat controlled belt on the bucket. I won’t be back to the house for another week. Any reasons not to leave it in the primary bucket until next week and...
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    Yet another sanitizing question

    I watched a couple of video's, "Wine making With Joe". Kind of an off beat entertaining guy; maybe some of you have heard of him. Anyway, he stresses as he should, sanitizing but I'm confused with his sanitizing methods. I've always used San Star so I never rinsed once applied. He sprays...
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    Tweaking a kit with stems

    I watched a video recently where grape stems from the super market were added to the primary fermenter to add some tannin to the kit. After sanitizing equipment etc, wouldn't there be lot's of bacteria going into the fermenter from the stems? How would you get around that? Thanks