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  1. StreetGlide

    Meglioli Wine Kits??

    Can anyone tell me where is the best place to order Meglioli kits? Did the Finger Lakes Riesling last year and it’s a favorite amongst the friends that are Riesling drinkers. I’d like to do that and a few others from the line.
  2. StreetGlide

    RJS EP Red Trio

    Bought a bottle of this up from the cellar last night. About a year old. Been in the bottle 2 months. Absolutely impressed with this bottle of wine. Swapped yeast to BM 4x4, used FT Rouge, 7week EM, Barrel aged 4 months and used a bit of tannin complex. Seems like a lot but all very minor tweaks...
  3. StreetGlide

    Master Vinter Sommelier Select Made by MM??

    I’m sure this has already been discussed. Opened up a SS Old Vine Cab and included was a mosti pack of yeast nutrient. I guess MV contracted MM to put their kits in a MV kit? I’m not disappointed as the few MM kits I’ve done have Been very good.
  4. StreetGlide

    Filter or Not Filter?

    Does anyone filter their wine? Bottled 20 gals of Blueberry wine I made with a friend and he always filters. I love the way it cleaned up the wine, but is it at a cost? He said not when making wine from grapes, but I wasn’t sure about kit wine. Anyone have an answer?
  5. StreetGlide

    Barrel Aging???

    I have been told by a few people to make sure I keep wine aging in a barrel a little longer then when I’m satisfied as the oak will wear off some while bulk aging. My question is how much will it settle and how over oaked do I want to go? These new small barrels I have are really adding a lot of...
  6. StreetGlide

    RJ Spagnols RJS Cru International

    Is anyone else pretty impressed with these smaller RJS kits or am I just that easy to please? In the past couple months I have done the Nebbiolo and the Cal Zin. Both seem like they are going to be really good for what they are. I made them thinking they might be ready in 9months to a year and...
  7. StreetGlide

    RJ Spagnols RJS EP Super Tuscan

    After hearing so much good I finally had this kit delivered today. Hoping to put it together this weekend. You guys that have made it besides a yeast swap to BM 4x4 do you recommend any thing else like any FT or bumping up the SG? Want this to be as good as I’ve read.
  8. StreetGlide

    New Barrel Prep??

    I am getting ready to use my new 5gal barrels. I used boiling water inside and on the outside of the heads. I then drained and filled them with cold water. They have been sitting a little over 24 hrs and thankfully no leaks. My question is, the directions I got with the barrels is that they are...
  9. StreetGlide

    Bourbon Barrels?

    I came across some emptied bourbon barrels on Amazon. They are American oak, I would probably guess light toast or neutral. Is a used bourbon barrel ok to use to age wine?
  10. StreetGlide

    Other EM Question...Help

    Is it common after 3 weeks to see the airlock completely closed, no sign of co2?, or should I get it out of the primary because this is a sign on there not being enough to protect it another few weeks. I sealed them both after a week. One I planned to go 4 weeks which is in a normal fermenting...
  11. StreetGlide

    Other Best Cab Sauv Kit

    I’ve started quite a few kits in the past few weeks, not one of which is a cab. I really need to get one though. What’s the vote for the best one? I was thinking the RJS EP or the CC Showcase. What are the opinions?
  12. StreetGlide

    RJ Spagnols BM 4x4 first time using

    Swapped EC1118 for BM 4x4 in a RJS EP Trio Red yesterday. Rehydrated in water and added 1 TBS of Fermax Nutrient to help it get going and have Fermaid O on hand for next treatment now. This sound ok? First I’ve used it. Thanks.
  13. StreetGlide

    RJ Spagnols EM w/ GCI Nebbiolo

    Picked up a Grand Cru International Nebbiolo Kit, trying to get a few kits aging before switching to all EP kits. Would this benefit from an EM? Or being that is dried skins and not a grape pack would it not make as big of difference? The only second thought came from there being stems in the...
  14. StreetGlide

    Other Vacuum Pump???

    I forgot after being out of winemaking for a while just how much I dislike degassing using a mix stir or wine whip. I’d like to buy a good vacuum pump to do the job but not something that will bust the bank. Can someone please recommend one?
  15. StreetGlide

    RJ Spagnols Spiedel 7.9 Gal Fermenter??

    Does anyone use these? Seems like they would be a great vessel for EM.
  16. StreetGlide

    RJ Spagnols Jumping Back In To Wine Kit Making

    Hello. Been kicking the idea around about getting back into making wine, it’s been about 10 years. I decided to take the plunge and just purchased a new equipment kit and a RJS Primuer Trio Red Kit. I really want to do nothing but high end skin kits when doing reds, but while waiting for these...