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    Bluetooth hydrometer

    Hi guys, Has anyone used a blutooth hydrometer. Put it in at the start of the ferment and leave it. Tracks your SG and temperature via an app. No need to open and take samples .
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    New wine maker in Sumatra.

    Hi I am George, I am a Scottish expat living in North Sumatra, thought i would start making wine with my spare time as fruit is very plentiful and very cheap here. (Wine is also expensive)
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    Advise for a first timer.

    Hi Guys, I am from Scotland but now live in Sumatra where the normal temperatures are 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. (29 today) I decided to try making some wine as fruit here is cheap and plentiful. Recipe. Made 5 gallons, Orange Wine Ingredients 8 kg Oranges] 1kg lemons 1 kg raisins added...