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    Persimmon wine - formed solids - what went wrong?

    The prior comments are all good. I smash my persimmons then add water and sugar as the sugar content is not high. I leave it all in the primary about five days before racking to secondary. I haven’t had any problem with high solids.
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    What was your biggest 'ah ha moment' to help you make better wine?

    Coming from making wine from my own muscadines for years and then adding on kits: I'm now applying what I've learned in this forum and making detailed measurements for my grapes. Number one thing I've learned so far: Measure everything and adjust -- don't trust the kit instructions. People...
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    To MLF or not to MLF...?

    I just did my first MLF on a white. I kept it at 70F and after two weeks its about done. It did take several days to start. It made a big improvement to the wine, which was a bit harsh with a high TA and now is much smoother.
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    Muscadine varieties for wine

    For scuppernongs my favorite is Pam. I have several other varieties: Fry, Darlene, etc that aren't nearly as good in my small vineyard. It's a heavy producer and I love the taste. For the black muscadines I have Ison's and Nobles. Ison's is a good producer and has good flavor. The Noble...
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    Ads making this site unusable

    Thanks for the account tip. It’s better now. FYI this what I was getting before So you can see why I brought this up.
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    Ads making this site unusable

    I typically use this web site on my iPad with Safari, many times by clicking a topic from the daily email. The site has gotten almost unusable recently due to the ads covering everything up. I had to switch to my Mac with Safari where the ads are now in a less invasive space. Is anyone else...
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    Increasing Brix in the vineyard

    Having tried growing hops in Georgia I know that we don't have the sunlight of the prime growing areas in the northwest. We're lucky to get 20% on the muscadine grapes here. I know that their brix was down this year due to so much rain... 15-16 brix. I have a Cynthiana grape vine, among many...
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    About To Try the RJ Spagnols Super Tuscan

    I’m curious as to what your FG was. Mine right now will not get below 1.000, and after multiple properly prepped repitchings. Has anyone ever used glucoamylase to dry out their wines?
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    About To Try the RJ Spagnols Super Tuscan

    I have this same kit finishing fermentation now. Since you’re just starting with this hobby my suggestions are: Start with the instructions. It will tell you how much water to add. However, before adding the final half gallon or so, check your OG. You want to do what Rocky says and get it...
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    Kit Wine Taste

    Yes, during fermentation but it’s gone now on the SB. I didn’t check prefermentation. I’ll be checking two reds next week that were bottled last year.
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    Kit Wine Taste

    I’m on my eighth kit and have noticed the taste described here. I’ve been making beer and home grape wine for almost thirty years and am familiar with beer off flavors but this one is new. All of my kits so far except one are from Wine Expert Eclipse. They all have that taste, even the...