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  1. Rice_Guy

    White Scum at top of carboy

    White film going all the way across sounds like mycoderma. A few carboys not just one? ,,, Poor sanitation.
  2. Rice_Guy

    Beginner recipes

    the best book on meads that I have seen is “The Complete Meadmaker” by Schramm. It is not a recipe book but has examples, it is good at looking at the ingredient honey and add on as melomel and telling what the rules are to make a finished wine.
  3. Rice_Guy

    Worst of the worst

    Rabbits will eat the trunk on young vines, I have plastic on many of mine and will let it there since plastic resists the weed eater. The photos look like “normal” grape vines, grapes are weeds, , , always look wild when they need to be pruned. The question if you prune out some plants is do...
  4. Rice_Guy

    Juice extracts.

    What is the ingredient list statement on the products you ordered? ,,,, The LD Carlson products have a pdf available. I have not tried the LD Carlson 128 oz products on HomeBrewIt.Com but I have tried several of the 4 oz BrewersBest which use the same product description. From using the 4 oz I...
  5. Rice_Guy

    What's for Dinner?

    .seared fresh salmon with an apple/ lemon curry (a US ingredient version of a tamarind curry) fettuccini with roasted garlic alfredo (my favorite from the days at Classico), sour dough toast and garden salad all with a raspberry wine
  6. Rice_Guy

    try to stay away

    God be with you Dawg
  7. Rice_Guy

    1.3 to 2.5 Gallon Vessel for Vacuum Degassing

    running a pilot plant requires one to improvise at a one kilo scale what the plant does at two tons per hour, ,,,, every tool had someone saying how could I do xxx, ,,,,, and I admire what the shop could come up with from a tablet drawing i use lots of 3 cm long pieces of silicone as unions, it...
  8. Rice_Guy

    glycerin in extract

    yes there was a viscosity difference especially wine legs, ,,, taste at day zero no, a month of aging unknown
  9. Rice_Guy

    glycerin in extract

    @reeflections , The testing I have done with glycerine has been neutral. It takes a lot to change sweetness/ doesn’t change fruit aroma and do I really care about building wine legs into the finished wine, ,,, so far I haven’t found a good use for glycerine.
  10. Rice_Guy

    Need help with tart wine

    Door and Parallel 44 are the same company
  11. Rice_Guy

    1.3 to 2.5 Gallon Vessel for Vacuum Degassing

    Well howdy again Rick * first of all “static” degassing can be done with a five inch Hg vacuum, it will be time dependent which basically means if I pull 25 inches on a FULL glass carboy in the photo below the pump just hums waiting for turbulence to bring more gas out, ,,,, it really won’t...
  12. Rice_Guy

    Howdy from the HumDrum state of IL

    Welcome to WMT from a currently northern neighbor. Had lived in Illinois for two jobs, school and divorce, which end of the state?
  13. Rice_Guy

    Rehydrating yeast?

    * dry yeast has had a lot of cellular damage in removing water and has limited glycogen reserves to start them budding * yeast are grown in a chemical cell culture which does not have the stressors a natural fruit must might have (ex pH, mineral variation, type of sugar). A rehydration protocol...
  14. Rice_Guy

    Need help with tart wine

    I have no opinion on tannin, age related chemistry is interesting and the repeated comment is “the wine improved”, one of the reactions is precipitation of diamonds. By the way commercial folks seed with cream of tarter or a commercial version of tartrate crystals to speed the process. 11%...
  15. Rice_Guy

    Stuck fermentation?

    Like @Mead Maker says the sugar may be too high. It would be interesting to see if you can get a reading on a one to one dilution with water. Gravity is a linear function so we could subtract 1.000 from the reading and estimate based on your actual dilution ratio. For where you are, I would...
  16. Rice_Guy

    Still a Noob. Wine goes sour after opening

    Looking at a twelve hour air exposure I would wonder if it was an oxidation of reductive/ more sulfite flavors, the kind of thing which we talk about when we aerate a red wine? Flavors are a neat system, I could see some loss of aromatics, and 12 hours isn’t supposed to be long enough to have...
  17. Rice_Guy

    How much honey to use for backsweetening

    * there is an age question, how old is the mead? If it is clear over a year, in which case I skip sorbate * the protein is said to be the issue with the turbidity, and I have read that boiling the honey denatures the protein so it comes out of solution, ,,, you might speed the process by making...
  18. Rice_Guy

    How much honey to use for backsweetening

    There are several points in your post, * Mead has higher residual sugar so it has some sweetness without added sugar. * I weigh small quantities with a 0.01 gram scale. IF I was dealing with liquid I would dilute some honey 50/50 in the wine and then measure with a syringe from the drug store...
  19. Rice_Guy

    Orange, Peach, Mango?????????

    A typical grocery store will have a gravity like 1.030 to 1.050 (10% sugar) which puts the finished beverage in a lower alcohol family of cider or beer or sangria, not grape must at 1.090 (30%sugar). ,,, The first ingredient is water, ( ingredient statements list ingredients with the largest...