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  1. Racer

    Bello Chilean Juice Buckets

    Has anyone else picked up this name brand juice this year? If so did you test your juice for numbers? I didn't use my ph meter for testing (just used ph test strips after tasting the juice). I got the following #'s Chardonnay s.g. 1.100 ph 4.4 Viognier s.g. 1.096 ph 4.4 Sauvignon Blanc...
  2. Racer

    Need help finding a wine

    I made a mistake and consumed my last bottle of chardonnay(made from cal. juice bucket) about a week ago. I know... so what just make more wine right? Well I need a wine to top up the rest of a sparkling wine kit. I need to disgorge and finish the bottles up for gifting purposes. I already...
  3. Racer

    Growing season is just around the corner

    So.... Has anybody else had a chance to do a winter damage assessment on their vines and or their fruit trees/plants used for making wine from? All my vines look like they made thru winter for me with no major winter kill or die back so far. Got over half the vines pruned back today. Only...
  4. Racer

    Port. floor corker

    After reading the adapter for floor corker thread I went back to one of my favorite sites to review products in the corker category( getting forgetful anymore). Anyway I saw that the port. floor corker has been redesigned. It looks like it has better stats. now. Check it out here
  5. Racer

    2010 Growing season

    I'd like to hear how everybody's doing with their plants that they make wine from. My growing season started about 3 weeks ago with budbreak on my apple tree's and grape vines happening within days of each other. Currently have about 4" shoot growth on the grape vines and 8-10 leaves on the new...
  6. Racer

    Wine calculator

    I saw this link in an article in a recent IGGVA newsletter and thought others might like it too. http://wineadds.com/
  7. Racer

    WineXpert Millennium Sparkling Wine questions

    This is my first time making this kit (or sparkling for that matter) and have a question or two for folks who have made it before. 1. Did you just follow the instructions all the way and leave the sediment in the bottle after the secondary fermentation in the bottle? 2. If you did disgorge...
  8. Racer

    Annual IGGVA conference

    It's that time of year again. For those who are close enough and have cabin fever as bad as me it's time for the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Assoc. conference. Check out the link and sign up if your interested. They have a good line up of seminars this year...
  9. Racer

    Website upgrade in progress?

    Is there an upgrade going on? Or just some other smaller facelift going on to the forum. I noticed most avatars are missing and smiles aren't displaying for me either.Anybody know whats going on?
  10. Racer

    Cellar Craft Showcase 18L Red Mountain Cab

    Has anyone done this kit? If so what kind of oak is included with this kit? Is it sawdust, chip, or cube?
  11. Racer

    I finally had a good day!

    Today I helped a couple I know start their first 2 wine kits (both chocolate raspberry port kits). I brought over all the stuff needed to let them start their kits they bought. I answered questions and helped them thru all of the steps to get them both going. I think they both feel comfortable...
  12. Racer

    Looking for a tomato wine recipe

    I've been trying to search out recipes for tomato wine. I was hoping some of you folks here may have made one yourselves and could share the recipe and your insights too.
  13. Racer

    Michigan winery establishment seminar

    I just ran across this upcoming seminar in michigan.Its in Feb. the 17-19.For more information go to www.grapes.msu.edu
  14. Racer

    Who's getting limited edtion kits this year?

    Who all is getting any limited edtion/restricted quantity wine kits this year? And which one(s)?
  15. Racer

    Just saying Hi!

    I had some problems getting on this site but would like to say thanks for helping me out there moderators. I've been making wine and growing grapes for 6 years now and still get great enjoyment out of all this hobby has to offer.I hope to hang out here and contribute to the discussions from...