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  1. The green Dragon

    Story-Time and Mystery

    The Year is 2007, I’m working on a construction site next to a subdivision Full of seniors. A retired wine maker flags Me over and gives me a bottle of red wine it has a label with “2005” written on it. We introduce ourselves and get to chatting. I dont know anything about Wine until...
  2. The green Dragon

    First Batch ever!

    Just started my first kit wine yesterday not even 24 hrs ago so excited!
  3. The green Dragon

    Primary fermenter help!

    I just purchased a wine kit and a 23 litre carboy, I realized after the fact that i need a primary fermenter, there seems to be alot of sizes 7.9, 6,6.5, gal and on and on. What is the minimum primary fermenter size needed for a wine kit meant for 30 bottles with or without included skin packs...