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    Question about aging a wine

    Bulk ageing helps let more gas out over time and more clearing to take place. My cranberry is a fine example of sediment dropping over time, batches that I thought looked good in bulk have too many deposits in the bottle for my taste, looks actually, doesn't affect taste I've found but bottle...
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    Left the wine on the fruit for far to long, wine smells like rotten fruit

    The best thing to do with fruit is freeze to start, thaw, squeeze or press fruit to start for some juice, while ferment is going on stir twice a day and push fruit down, it will rise back to the top, that's not controllable. When you make a decision to start a batch you must commit to it...
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    Age on ALL the lees?

    I have found leaving on the gross lee's too long will spoil the must, lost one and caught the other just in time. I find about 3-4 weeks is about first racking time but I let the deposit depth tell me when. The batch I saved was starting to turn rotten smelling, after a couple rackings the smell...
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    Elderberry wine with no elderberries?

    Have been busy so a little late with this. I have used both the elderberry & blackberry 96 oz cans & found 5 gallon batch with elderberry is really good, five gal w/blackberry is too thin so have done 3 gal and found it to be much better. Have one of each bulk ageing now. Have 40# of...
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    Why not mash or juice the fruit?????

    Have been making blackberry for years and have always frozen berries first. My batches are usually 6 gal so around 30# of berries, all wild berries. I thaw in mesh bag in primary so as not to lose any juice, squeeze well when thawed and after ferment has started daily along with stirring must...
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    stir the must

    Stirring helps to release CO2 gas and allows the must/yeast to have a drink of oxygen. Normally I let my must finish fermenting in the primary which allows me to degas some before transferring to secondary and it also enables stirring in a larger opening.
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    Skeeter pee extremely slow

    Pee does take some time to ferment and it is a quick wine when finished, usually bottle mine in about 8 weeks.What yeast did u use and what is the temp of the must?
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    Apple wine from Apple cider or from fresh pressed juice?

    Have made from fresh apples, as I have multiple varieties on the old farmstead I bought and do not know what they are. Cored, froze, pressed then fermented and added cinnamon sticks while bulk aging and the result was very good, next time will leave the cinnamon in longer. Most people that come...
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    Cleaning pulp bags?

    I flip mine inside out and hose them off, works pretty well and then wash in one step then hang out to dry.
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    Cab Franc

    Midwest Wine Supply is taking orders for California juice now and Cab/Franc is on the list. They are here in Mpls/St Paul but may have other stores, check online.
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    Blackberry Wine Needs Help!!!

    What I have done is put the extra in a small wine bottle and put in frig, if you have let it ferment to dry. This should be the heavy Lee's left behind if you racked into 1 gal bottle. Let it sit in the frig until you rack the first time and there should be enough to top up the wine from the gal...
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    Bulk aging

    Thanks, I did not think about expansion when I filled originally. Too far up into the neck, will keep to the bottom of it when I rack. I will have 8 gallons bottled by the end of October so will not have to worry over winter about them just the Chilean juice has to age till spring. Hope to get...
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    Bulk aging

    I have recently change my living conditions and do not have the luxury of bulk aging in my basement which was about a constant 60 degrees. Now my wine is sitting upstairs and seeing outside temps pretty much. The upside of this, from reading on this site is the warmer temps will help the gas...
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    After Sanitizing??????

    I normally use the bottle washer with kmeta and let sit on the bottle tree till I get all set for filling then dump out last bit in bottle and fill. The little bit left in bottle will help preserve it, I usually don't touch till about a month has passed due to bottle shock and I'm working on...
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    Need a little help here

    Remember to stir the must as it is fermenting, needs to release co2 and feed yeast oxygen.
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    Lessons for the future

    As noted in previous post, the amount of juice definitely varies from year to year and fruit to fruit. I like to use 5-6# pounds of fruit/gal and when making 5-6 gallon batches add water to 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 gal mark on my primary. I have never made a country fruit wine with all juice from berries...
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    Time to bottle, need some help

    That sure is a lot of racking in a short amount time! Have a little patience, time is what will help bring out some flavor as well, backsweeting may help some but do a bench test with a small amount. You could use an f-pack from fruit for this or make a simple sugar and add. I'm lucky if I rack...
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    I picked up a longer spoon from Midwest and cut the spoon off and use the handle end for stirring. Fits in 3/8 drill. If you put the spoon in hot water it will become pliable enough to put a slight kink in it which gives more off center wobble action. Fits in a carboy neck as well.
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    How long should I wait....

    For my country fruit wine I rack to secondary let sit for 3-4 weeks, rack again then add sorbate and kms. Rack again in 3 months, age , rack again, bottle after 11--12 months and usually backsweetin about two weeks before bottling. It seems like when I backsweetin I get a little more sediment...
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    yeast slurry?

    Yeast slurry is just the last sediment and yeast from a just completed wine that is left behind when racking from primary to secondary.