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    Hello, I had posted a few days ago about what I thought was “flowers” in my wine during secondary. I listened to the advice and added some k-meta and racked, cleaned, sanitized etc. I’m still curious to know if anyone can help me identify what is in the picture. Thankfully the wine in not...
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    Hello, Going through my first time making wine on my own. Made wine since I was a little kid with my family (30 plus years) I’m currently about 9 weeks in on multiple varieties and noticed yesterday that two of the 6 gallon carboys have a white disc like film at the top. (Picture attached) I...
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    Polyurethane Smell

    Hello, I had made a cabinet to hold my 2 - 33 gallon Speidel fermenters during primary fermenation. I completed the cabinet about 5 weeks ago, sanded and stained/poly to finish. There is still a slight smell to the cabinet and have a little concern about the smell penetrating the juice. Part of...
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    PET vs Glass - primary, secondary and aging

    Hello, I know this topic can be highly debated but I come for some direction based on this groups experience.I am new to making wine by myself (have assisted making wine with family for 20 years) My family has always used glass carboys for secondary and aging and plastic for primary. Now that...
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    Hello, Previously from NY and have been spoiled with getting Regina grape juice from the terminal market in Brooklyn during September and October of each year. Now living in NC, I can not find anything similar to Regina unless I drive to Ohio or PA. Does anyone have a recommendation of where I...