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    Christmas wine recipe

    Looking for a good Christmas wine recipe. I just don't know how cloves, cinnamon, cranberries, nutmeg, etc... would work for fermenting.... can you use it from the beginning or add after. Use extracts? I just made a great strawberry pomegranate that could be turned into a good Christmas wine. I...
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    Used whiskey or bourbon barrel.

    Anybody know where to get a 10 gallon used barrel for whiskey/bourbon for a reasonable price?
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    Any helpful advice is great!!!

    So I am new to wine making. I have my 3rd batch going right now. I come out with about 2 gallons each time. I loosely follow recipes from the boon I got and creditable websites. I have made Pinapple and strawberry Strawberry, BlackBerry, and pomegranate Mango and strawberry My first 2 came...
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    Using vodka to fill empty space in carboy.

    So I have read where you can use vodka to top off carboy after racking. Was wondering if anybody had done it and if so could tell me how it went. Today I bought a strawberry and a mango vodka. (Strawberry mango wine in the carboy right now)
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    Using 5 gallon water jug for carboy

    So my office has one of those water coolers. We have lots of the empty jugs from it. Can I use this for a carboy. You know since it's free. Lol
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    Using flavored simple syrup to backsweeten...

    I was wondering if it is possible to use flavored simple syrups to backsweeten wine to obviously help sweeten it, but also to help add a bit more flavor. I know Monin and Torani make fruit flavored ones that are high in sugar. I don't know if there are anything in the syrup that will hurt it, or...