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  1. Rocky

    Powerful last thoughts from Steve Jobs

  2. Rocky

    Wine bottles and equipment for sale

    I have clean, de-labeled wine bottles, cases of 12 in the following styles: 15 cases Bordeaux, colors range some brown but mostly green 10 cases of clear Bordeaux, some have a slight tint but most are clear 2 cases of Burgundy, mostly brown I also have the following pieces of equipment that...
  3. Rocky

    Attention Ohio area winemakers!

    My bride and I are selling our home in Ohio and heading for “God's Waiting Room” (Florida). I will be selling the winemaking equipment listed below. With the exception of the wine press, it is what I use on a regular basis to make wine, so most all of the equipment is used: List updated to...
  4. Rocky

    Eggs in the safe.

    A couple had been married for 40 years and he managed all of the money. He told his wife that he did not ever want her to look inside the safe. One day, when he was away her curiosity got the best of her and she looked into the safe and found $10,000 and three eggs. When her husband returned...
  5. Rocky

    Some "old folks" humor

  6. Rocky

    Brit humor on Thanksgiving...

    This is not a joke and it actually happened. It demonstrates the British humor which I thoroughly enjoy. It was just before the Thanksgiving Day break at work in 1995 and we had a number of British colleagues in the States who worked for our company in England. They were returning to England...
  7. Rocky

    Recurring nightmares.

    On another thread, someone used the term "recurring nightmare" to describe a problem that they had with Blueberry wine. I brought to mind recurring nightmares that I used to have. Two come to mind and I am wondering if others have any they would like to share. 1. I dream I am crawling into a...
  8. Rocky

    When grandma goes to court...

  9. Rocky

    Working at home with your wife...

  10. Rocky

    Some Golf quips...

  11. Rocky

    Determining ABW without initial SG reading.

    From time to time I have seen posts on the forum where winemakers do not have the ISG measurement and are puzzled as to how to determine ABV. Below is a method that I found in one of my books, The Art of Winemaking by Anderson and Hull. It purports to give an accurate estimate of ABV. 1...
  12. Rocky

    Difference in the sexes

  13. Rocky

    Men are happier than women...

    and there is ample reason why this is so because if you are a man:
  14. Rocky

    Good illustration of manual labor vs. capital equipment

    I saw this video on YouTube and it reminded me of the story of two engineers, one American and one Chinese. The Chinese engineer was saying, "You Americans are wasteful and spend too much on capital equipment. If you want to tunnel through a mountain, you assemble all kinds of very expensive...
  15. Rocky

    A suggestion for all members

    I hope I am not getting into a sensitive area for members on the forum but I think it would help a lot if all members updated their profiles to show where they are located. When people ask questions about weather, availability of goods and services, etc. it would help to know in what part of the...
  16. Rocky

    White wines from juice buckets

    Today I started two batches of white wines from juice, a triple batch of Chenin Blanc made with juice from South Africa and a double batch of Sauvignon Blanc made from juice from Australia. This will mark my first time making wine from South African grapes and I am anxious to see how it turns...
  17. Rocky

    Quick thinking student.

  18. Rocky

    Not sure what the pills are...

    I recently spent $6,500 on a young registered Black Angus bull. I put him out with the herd but he just ate grass and wouldn't even look at a cow. I was beginning to think I overpaid. Anyhow, the Vet came and checked him over and said he was very healthy but possibly a little young. He gave me...
  19. Rocky

    How to tell a joke.

    An old comedian that you used to thoroughly enjoy was Buddy Hackett. He was funny without using profanity and could really tell a joke. He used to appear on Johnny Carson's show and was hilarious. Here is one of his most famous routines.