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  1. askins3097

    Observations from the vineyard this season

    Some observations from my vineyard this year, located in Southwest, Pennsylvania at the base of the Laurel Highlands: -Niagara- does not do well with the humidity and we’re having another record rainfall year in Pennsylvania. For as much work as I’m putting into spraying and preventing...
  2. askins3097


    My grapes finally came in today. I’ve done Chilean merlot and Chardonnay in the past with mixed results but this is my first run with Chilean grapes. 216 pounds worth. Very impressed with the quality. I had maybe a handful of loose berries in each lug. The rest was all nice clusters. I am...
  3. askins3097

    American Wine Society Pittsburgh Wine Experience. March 31st.

    http://www.awspghwineconference.org/2019Conf_flyer_1.28.2019.pdf Are any forum members going? I have never attended one of these events, but I think I am going to go to this one. I’m still debating on entering a wine or two in the competition.
  4. askins3097

    Zinfandel vs Cabernet Sauvignon

    I’m curious to hear others answers since I’m torn between the two.... Which of the two do you like more in terms of taste? Which of the two would you rather make, if you’ve made both? It seems to me like Zinfandel is easier to make a good wine with, and generally I like the taste of a good...
  5. askins3097

    WTB crusher/destemmer in the Pittsburgh area

    I’m looking for a crusher/destemmer in the Pittsburgh area. Either manual or 110v. I’m also looking for a stainless steel tank. Nothing much over 100L.
  6. askins3097

    Tis the season

    I’m not much of a fruit wine maker but it’s the season for fresh cider. I usually make 6 gallons every fall. It’s one of my favorites to make. So easy and relatively cheap. I’m experimenting this year by adding 5 pounds of honey to my 6 gallons of cider, then using brown sugar to get my sg...
  7. askins3097

    Grapes in containers

    Does or has anyone successfully grown grapes in containers? What about indoors? Is it worth the effort? I did find some info online that says they will grow well in greenhouses. I don’t have a greenhouse, but I have a bright, open foyer inside and some patio space outside, as well as some...
  8. askins3097

    Question about cuttings

    Hello, Some background on my situation. I bought around 100 cuttings that were divided up between marechal Foch, sabrevois, and Frontenac. My plan is and has been to get them started, then transplant them into nursery pots until next spring so I’ll have some nice established vines to plant at...
  9. askins3097

    paklab plastic carboy?

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002VFRABY/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 Anyone try these? I did a search and couldn't find much about them. $22 shipped is pretty cheap for a 6 gallon carboy, plastic or not. I ended up coming up with a couple bushels of peaches for dirt cheap, as well as some...
  10. askins3097

    tomato wine question

    After drinking some awesome tomato wine at a party last summer, I decided I'm going to make it this year. I tried getting back to my friend, who's family makes the stuff, and its a big secret I guess, how they make it, etc. So I'm going to use the Jack Kellar recipe. I'm getting ready to...
  11. askins3097

    question about wine bucket

    This is my first post, and first problem I have ran into, and its a long one, I apologize. This past October I picked up two juice buckets from consumers produce in Pittsburgh. The brand was Home wine maker, or something along those lines. One was a white chardonnay and the other called mixed...