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  1. HarrysHomeBrew

    What kind of grapes do I have?

    i joined over a year ago and enjoyed it a lot. I have made some great wines in my opinion and learned a lot. I started out too hot and heavy. I did not get burned out but other things have kept me busy. I did get upset with my label making and dropped off for a while but should be back full time...
  2. HarrysHomeBrew

    Label problems

    I went thru 12 pages and could not find an answer so I need help. I downloaded a couple of apps for help and nothing worked well. I am using Avery 6464. 6 easy peel labels per page. My avatar picture is what I use for my labels. I do have an app called Text2Pic it was free at first now has a...
  3. HarrysHomeBrew

    Oak chips after your done... Smoker

    I added oak chips in my primary for Pinot Noir. When I cleaned my primary I threw them out. I put more in the secondary and when I racked I took the chips gave them a quick rinse then dried them out. I am planning on smoking some cheese soon and want to use these purple used wood chips. Has...
  4. HarrysHomeBrew

    Conundrum IPA

    I have made beer on and off for over 20 years. I have made good beers but never a great beer. This last batch from a kit is by far my best. This is also my first batch in over 7 years. I like it a lot. I think I stopped brewing because of bottling. But after a while you start getting better...
  5. HarrysHomeBrew

    Green grapes don't know what kind yet.

    I have a friend that has a bunch of grapes. A few hundred pounds easy. She makes jelly/jam and lets everyone pick all they want. She told me I can have them all if I want. Whenever I make wine I always give her a bottle to try. I can't wait till they get leaves this year so I can hopefully...
  6. HarrysHomeBrew

    Invinity wine on tap

    I am fairly new to wine making. Even though I am working 23 gallons right now. So for bottleing... I drink Franzia fruity red sangria and sunset blush. I always have a box in my garage fridge. If I am feeling some easy drinking wine this is my go-to. I am thinking about getting the 3lt bags...
  7. HarrysHomeBrew

    Noob bit off more than he could chew.

    I started collecting ingredients for different batches and 1 kit. Boom I had enough stuff to do 22 gallons. So I did it. 6 gal Fontana Pinot Noir 6 gal dragons blood 6 gal apricot Frozen store bought fruits 1 gal blueberry 1 gal tropical 1 gal strawberry lemonade 1 gal blueberry limeade My...
  8. HarrysHomeBrew

    Hello from Idaho

    My name is Harry. I have brewed beer on and off for the last 25 years. Mostly off. I retired 1 May 2017 from the USAF. I started making wine and think this is my new retired hobby. I made a few 1 gallon batches of store bought juice and each batch is getting better. I made a 6 gallon batch...