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  1. Donatelo

    Excess sediment in bottom of bottles.

    Thank you for your input, jgmillr1. I added potassium sorbate and a campden tab into the carboy , then stirred several times for 5 min each time. I see a lot less bubbles and the wine doesn't taste nearly as fizzy. I think I can salvage this now. Just rebottle it and set several bottles in the...
  2. Donatelo

    Excess sediment in bottom of bottles.

    I have ten bottles of peach wine that I bottled last spring. They have a sediment in the bottom of the bottle and a fizzy taste like I bottled too early. After opening a bottle , I can see an occasional bubble rise. I would like to syphon into a small carboy, leaving these lees, and add a...
  3. Donatelo

    Peach wine too strong!

    December 8th I started 6 gallon batch of peach wine , The SG jumped up to 1.100. and is now .988. Which gives me an alcohol by volume of 14.70%. This is way too high. I wanted a abv of around 10-11 %. How do I lower the alcohol content and make a lite summer wine? Can I just add a volume of...
  4. Donatelo

    Disaster struck!

    Never ever Ever store bottles of wine above your computer. I had a bottle of Gewerztraminer push the cork out and it sprayed wine all over my office, but mainly it flowed down onto my $1000 computer. They tell me I may be able to get my data, but the computer chips are fried for sure. The hard...
  5. Donatelo

    Peach wine

    Looks like a lot of head space, but if like you say , the air lock had liquid in it, it might be ok. Looks nice and clear. Don't shake the carboy too much and disturb the lees on the bottom . You might be surprised.
  6. Donatelo

    Making peach, yeast not starting

    After a 20 minute wait on the yeast, ( it was starting to rise in the cup) I cast it into the must. 10 minutes later I saw air bubbles in the air lock. 20 minutes later it is absolutely galloping along. I feel that my first cast of yeast was old.
  7. Donatelo

    Fining More Than Once.

    Time in the bulk fermenter for a long time is the best thing that I have found. Patience, patience , PATIENCE!
  8. Donatelo

    Making peach, yeast not starting

    The directions on the side of the can told to sprinkle the yeast across the surface of the must. This morning I opened the primary and there was a grey scum on the top of the must. No action is showing in the air lock. This is a 128 oz. can of Vinters Harvest Peach wine base and a 64 oz can...
  9. Donatelo

    Making peach, yeast not starting

    The morning of the 18th I started a 5 gallon batch of peach wine. 24 hours later, I added a packet of EC-1118 yeast that I have had in the fridge for about 8 months . the date on the edge states 2/2021. Today is 12/21. How long should I wait for the yeast to take hold and show signs of...
  10. Donatelo

    Wild plum is very tart. Backsweeten?

    Thanks for the input. I already added the sugar solution. I have potassium sorbate and campden tablets. Added that and It tastes a lot better. I doubt it will last the month. My daughter and friends are always after a bottle of my wine.
  11. Donatelo

    Blending Suggestion, please...

    I am no expert, but if it was mine, I'd try to restart the fermentation with E1118 yeast. Perhaps you used too little yeast at the Primary. I packet does 1 to 6 gallons, and I'm not a big fan of the RC212. I have had such good luck with E1118 in several kits of Merlot.
  12. Donatelo

    Wild plum is very tart. Backsweeten?

    I made 6 fifths of Wild plum wine . It turned out very tart. I added 3 teaspoons of sugar to 8 ounces of wine and it seems to be a lot better. If my calculations are correct this should give me 1cup of sugar to the gallon. I boiled a cup of water and dissolved a cup of sugar. This is now sitting...
  13. Donatelo


    I have a batch of this(1 gallon) working right now. Jack Keller's site has a recipe, but I altered it somewhat .I haven't had it go bad yet. but it is still young.
  14. Donatelo


    You could make wine from watermelon candy , but why ? I am making a gallon batch of watermelon wine from pure juice . I brought it up to about 170 degrees for 20 minutes and I have no problems. That pasteurizes the juice without killing the flavor. you can make alcohol with just sugar , but...
  15. Donatelo

    boiling watermelon

    Thanks MickeyB
  16. Donatelo

    boiling watermelon

    This is a Jack Keller recipe or at least from his web site. I didn't like the idea of boiling this recipe, but it is as the recipe stated. We shall see what we shall see I'll check back with you .
  17. Donatelo

    Cold crashing a fruit wine experience?

    Put it all in the freezer til you get back. It breaks down the fibers and makes it easier. Have a nice trip!
  18. Donatelo

    Cold crashing a fruit wine experience?

    Thanks for the tip, Scooter. I might go with the Bentonite.
  19. Donatelo

    Cold crashing a fruit wine experience?

    Thanks , guys. I haven't added anything since fermentation stopped. I have bentonite, K/C, K-meta and pectic enzyme. I think I'll wait another week and rack into a clean carboy , degas, and add bentonite, but I really didn't want to just keep adding more chemicals to this.
  20. Donatelo

    Summer peach wine

    I had a 98 Dyna wide glyde. Bought her new. Rode to Sturgis several times on her. Turned out to be a sweet ride. I upgraded the ignition , put a high lift cam in and bought a single seat for it. (Wife never did like it anyway.) Ride safe . keep the rubber side down and stay between the fences.