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  1. knockabout

    Blending kit and grape wine???

    Happy Sunday! Can I blend a kit wine with a red wine made from grapes? I made a tan at last year From grapes and am getting ready to bottle it has gone through MLF and is still lacking something on the mid palate.blending with a kit wine I had in a carboy seems to improve this - I’ve added...
  2. knockabout

    Austin grape juice buckets

    Hi since fine vine wines closed I havent been able to get California grapes in Texas I’ve seen many of you looking for grapes too. -Colavita hooked me up with someone unresponsive to email last year :-( - Austin homebrew supply is selling 5 gallon juice buckets that are balanced and...
  3. knockabout

    Mlf Roussane

    Hi all! harvesting here in Texas so exciting. I have roussane with a malic acid level of 4.2 so plan on mlf. Can I co-inoculate whites the same way possible with reds? Appreciate thoughts and help! Kim
  4. knockabout

    Getting grapes in San Antonio

    Last year we got our grapes from George Fine vine wines / winemakers toy store. As the store is closed I’m trying to figure out how to get grapes here in Texas. I’m not afraid to drive. Can anyone offer suggestions for fresh red grapes in San Antonio? Thank you kindly!
  5. knockabout

    Bourbon barrel

    We were lucky enough to have a friend send us bourbon barrel staves for our Zinfandel -YAY...I plan to set them in a Kmeta bucket so they are fumed -should that and the natural properties of the wood be enough to kill any bugs???? Also, Has any one had wine other than Zinfandel that they had...
  6. knockabout

    Acid balancing post MLF pH out of range

    Hello, So my first time making wine from grapend I could really use some help here. I'm trying to figure out how to balance acid post mlf. So cab grapes 10/15 23.5brix ta 5.4, ph 3.6 Post mlf ph 4.25 /6. Gallons It tastes pretty bad now no spoilage but sure doesn't taste how the wine kits...
  7. knockabout

    Newbie to Grapes -changing pH

    Oops meant changing Specific gravity. sorry Hello, This is our first go around with grapes and I'm confused. we have 3 lugs each of cab, zin and syrah. Started fermentation last Sunday. and it is rolling along well. But something weird has now happened twice. Ous specific gravity has gone up...
  8. knockabout

    Second run

    Hi everyone, This is my first time with real grapes. ( like Christmas and vacatoin rolled into one amazing exciting time) I've got 3 lugs of cab, 3 lugs of Syrah and 3 lugs of Zinfandel going. (Colavita grapes) we picked them up in Dallas last weekend and primary is rolling along. I was thinking...
  9. knockabout

    getting ready for grapes---grape newbie

    So I've done about 30 kits and am going to go for grapes.....I am putting together my shopping list -I've got grapes, destemmer and press lined up. Have the Oak Barrel also...this is my shopping list. Am I missing anything? Thanks for the help!!! I'm so excited!!!! Yeast Potassium...
  10. knockabout

    Papagni juice buckets?

    I'm thinking about trying these this year. It will be an investment of 28 hours of driving and we'd ge about 6 buckets to make it worthwhile. Anyone have any experience with these! I'd appreciate hearing any thoughts! Thanks!
  11. knockabout

    Other Top 5 kits

    I read winemaker mag and have read through their top 100 list, but I value the opinions shared here more. I don't think we've done this in a while and I'm looking for some kits I haven't done before, so thought I'd ask. What are your top 5 kits. Bonus points for including red and white and if...
  12. knockabout


    I've been reading about people aging their aglianico's on chestnut instead of oak and wanted to give it a try. Is there a supplier who sells chestnut wood for the home winemaker or am I gonna have to toasty my own?
  13. knockabout


    Is there a certain amt or percentage of sugar in an off dry semi sweet and sweet wine? Does anyone know what these percentages are or if they change from wine/varietal to wine? Thanks!
  14. knockabout


    Is there a certain amt or percentage of sugar in an off dry semi sweet and sweet wine? Does anyone know what these percentages are or if they cahnge from wine/varietal to wine? Thanks!
  15. knockabout

    wine rack size question

    Hi Guys! I am looking for dimensions for wine racks. I want to build the ones that are the big cubes or diamond shapes that hold about 16 bottles in each cube. I can find plans online but no inside dimensions. My husband is willing to build it but I need to give him the measurements of inside a...
  16. knockabout

    Cellar Craft Red mountains cab

    What are your favorite tweaks for your red mountains cabs?
  17. knockabout

    Other LE Aglianico has been released -yeast?

    I got my message from George the LE Aglianico has been released now I have to figure out which yeast. I was looking at yeasts that may be appropriate for reds like Zinfandel Cabernet and Syrah? Anyone have any thoughts on a good yeast swap for this? I am not sure which yeast will come with this...
  18. knockabout

    Tannins Where to find

    So I am interested in using some specific tannins. I am out of Tannin Tan'Cor Grand Cru and I do not want to purchase a kg. 500g would be about it for me. I'd also like to try the Scott labs Over the top tannins Finesse and Bold. I do not find these at any of our sponsors -thogh Doug does have a...
  19. knockabout

    RJ Spagnols Winemakers trio

    Just started two of these.it contains grape skins in 2x1 liter containers - easy to handle by myself. Also includes 2 medium toast I'd guess, oak powders and 1 heavy or med plus bag of oak powder. Juice is a delicious dark inky purple. Looks great!
  20. knockabout


    I just realized when my cold stabilizing is done I will have about 200 bottles of wine to bottle. Where have you guys found affordable bottles at this quantity? thanks,