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  1. Chris Gibbs

    First season with Mustang grapes

    I went out and collected about 50 pounds of mustang grapes in mid June this summer. There was a great fruit set this year! So I put them all in the freezer until I got my new steam juicer... At this point, I hadn't committed to a particular recipe to make mustang grape wine because most...
  2. Chris Gibbs

    Watermelon Muscadine wine

    So I had about 15lbs of muscadines sitting in the freezer from last season. I thought I would use them in Jack Keller's recipe for mustang watermelon wine and see. I'm going into week 2 of secondary fermentation and everything looks ok so far. Maybe this will help someone or spark some ideas...
  3. Chris Gibbs

    My first Dragons blood

    So, I'm new here. I've always been a whiskey/Bourbon guy myself, but I had an excess amount of muscadines last year with which I made my first wine. Now I'm hooked! I made my first dragons blood a couple of months ago using lemon, lime, and pineapple juices as the base. I messed up and...