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  1. IQwine

    Help with the 3 T's

    Ok... I hear it all the time :slp the 3 T's.... Taste, Taste, and Taste..... what am I tasting for? what should I be looking for?? How often... take notes?? Need alotta help here... :b
  2. IQwine

    Winexpert Announces The Perfect Summer Time Beer

    http://www.winexpert.com/read?articleid=72 Might want to check this out.... Tom They probably need tasters... :dg
  3. IQwine

    Super Bowl XLVIII to the New York/New Jersey region

    Hey, Tom.... looks like U have a "BIG" reason to make a few more carboys. I'm sure U will be hosting "the" party in the area. http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/news/story?id=5219486 :dg :b :dg :b :dg :b
  4. IQwine

    Fermentation Temperature Target

    Is there a target temperature to ferment fruit wine? Most kits give you a range. :b
  5. IQwine

    4 kits -- 2 now and 2 later?

    I have a kit that will not be available in the next couple of years. It is a red kit so needs aging. My dilemma is --- should I ferment all 4 kits now and bulk age for 9-18 months and then bottle at different times or save two kits to ferment a year from now?
  6. IQwine

    Use a Hydrometer for Flavor?

    found this today... Any thoughts on this? :dg :dg http://www.partyman.se/sg-hydrometer-flavour/
  7. IQwine

    Separate Primarys ??

    Any thoughts on keeps primarys separate for kits vs. fruit. Or reds vs. whites. I am looking at making strawberry but only have a primary that I have used from multiple red kits and one I have used for whites. Do I worry too much? or do you just use whatever primary is available and no...
  8. IQwine

    Fruit Wine for 2010

    I have wine kits going pretty well. My next step is to try fruit wines this year. Any suggestions on where to start? I am considering strawberry or pear or blackberry or all 3. what do I need to know/do to make this a good experience in making as well as drinking? What about special...
  9. IQwine

    Santizing between SG tests

    I have 4 secondary fermentations to test for SG. So I have a wine thief and hydrometer and test jar that are used. Is it necessary to sanitize between each one or not? They are all reds so not concerned about mixing a little. is this an issue ?? thanks
  10. IQwine

    Temp Probe

    I see from Waldo's primary pics that you have a temperature probe through the lid. What kind is it? Does it work well to monitor for high and low temps?? And thanks for all you pictures .... they are a big help.
  11. IQwine

    WineXpert WE Lodi Ranch Cab stopped at 1.01

    I have done 7 of these kits since Jan 09. (My first kit was received for Christmas '08) The first 4 had a FG of .994-.996 and the last 3 kits have stopped at 1.008-1.01. I have tried unsuccessfully to restart 2 of these. I had the 3rd on in the secondary at 1.008 for the past 10 days. Why did...
  12. IQwine

    Test for Sulfites?

    Do you test for sulfite before adding the 1/4 teaspoon of Kmeta every 3-4 months or just add it? Is there a problem with getting too much in the wine. Or is there the bigger concern of not enough?