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  1. Donatelo

    Excess sediment in bottom of bottles.

    I have ten bottles of peach wine that I bottled last spring. They have a sediment in the bottom of the bottle and a fizzy taste like I bottled too early. After opening a bottle , I can see an occasional bubble rise. I would like to syphon into a small carboy, leaving these lees, and add a...
  2. Donatelo

    Peach wine too strong!

    December 8th I started 6 gallon batch of peach wine , The SG jumped up to 1.100. and is now .988. Which gives me an alcohol by volume of 14.70%. This is way too high. I wanted a abv of around 10-11 %. How do I lower the alcohol content and make a lite summer wine? Can I just add a volume of...
  3. Donatelo

    Disaster struck!

    Never ever Ever store bottles of wine above your computer. I had a bottle of Gewerztraminer push the cork out and it sprayed wine all over my office, but mainly it flowed down onto my $1000 computer. They tell me I may be able to get my data, but the computer chips are fried for sure. The hard...
  4. Donatelo

    Making peach, yeast not starting

    The morning of the 18th I started a 5 gallon batch of peach wine. 24 hours later, I added a packet of EC-1118 yeast that I have had in the fridge for about 8 months . the date on the edge states 2/2021. Today is 12/21. How long should I wait for the yeast to take hold and show signs of...
  5. Donatelo

    Wild plum is very tart. Backsweeten?

    I made 6 fifths of Wild plum wine . It turned out very tart. I added 3 teaspoons of sugar to 8 ounces of wine and it seems to be a lot better. If my calculations are correct this should give me 1cup of sugar to the gallon. I boiled a cup of water and dissolved a cup of sugar. This is now sitting...
  6. Donatelo

    Cold crashing a fruit wine experience?

    I have a 5 gallon peach wine that doesn't want to clear. Does anyone have experience with cold crashing ? I was told to place it in a larger tub and pack ice around it to help it clear. It is about a month into the secondary and has a SG of .992. I'd like to get it to clear and then rack to a...
  7. Donatelo

    I need a watermelon wine recipe

    Here in Oklahoma watermelons are sweet this year. Lots of rain has blessed us. Anyone have a favorite watermelon wine recipe.?
  8. Donatelo

    Summer peach wine

    I found this old recipe that my dad used to make. It calls for plums , sugar. lemon juice, and yeast. Decided to modernize it and make some peach wine in his honor. A friend gave me five boxes of her discard peaches and I salvaged about 20 pounds of good fruit from that. Here is what I'm doing...
  9. Donatelo

    Just bottled the last of the summer wine.

    The only thing I had left was a 3 gallon bottle of blackberry "Summer wine". I bottled it up this morn and I has a nice fruit flavor. It's Okay, but not my best wine. I'll give it away to friends and my daughter. She has people she works with that think I make the best. My best wines have...
  10. Donatelo

    Potassium sorbate to kill residual fermentation

    I am making a small batch of blackberry wine and a small batch of Welch's Concord grape wine. My instructions call for potassium SORBATE to kill further fermentation. My supplier does not list potassium sorbate. What is a good yeast killer so I can back sweeten and bottle?
  11. Donatelo

    Going to make a 3 gallon peach batch

    I brought home 10 pounds of local peaches. I can get lots more, I just didn't want to be a hog about it. I need about another 5 pounds to make my 3 gallon batch. "The Joy of Winemaking" has a nice recipe. I'll post the recipe later. now I got peaches to tend to.
  12. Donatelo

    How much peaches for three gallon batch?

    I have 10 pounds of fresh peaches. I would like to make a 3 gallon batch of peach wine(melamed). I can get more peaches. how much would you recommend for a 3 gallon batch? I haven't found many peach recipes on here. My thoughts are to make a light peach wine and call it "California Cowboy...
  13. Donatelo

    Cyser taste is bad.

    I started this in hopes of a gentle type of mead. May 12th, 2018- This is a one-gallon batch of apple mead. I started with one gallon of fresh, not from concentrate, apple juice, two pounds of clover honey and two small packets of Chaucer’s brewing spices (cinnamon, orange peel, and nutmeg)...
  14. Donatelo

    share your favorite tips. here's mine

    I have several old black biker tee shirts. When brewing a fresh batch, I toss one onto the carboy to block out the bright lights in my office. This essentially allows me to fulfill the 'keep from the light' recommendation. Never bottle drunk!
  15. Donatelo

    Joe's ancient mead

    I started this recipe last night and followed the instructions with one exception. I used a packet of Red Star Cote des Blanc yeast instead of the bakers yeast. I read on another tread that the pith in the orange causes a bitter taste. If I had known , I would have zested the orange peel and...
  16. Donatelo

    Blackberry Mead Recipe needed

    I am considering making a Blackberry Mead. I can't seem to find a recipe for this. Does anyone have a recipe?
  17. Donatelo

    Island Mist Peach Chardonnay starting SG

    Today I'm starting this kit wine. The original SG was 1.040, so, I added 4 cups of Dextrose (corn sugar) and it has only risen to 1.056 Sg . I want at least 9% abv. Is there a problem with using Dextrose?
  18. Donatelo

    What do you put in the airlock or wbhat aiirlock u useing?

    I have been putting spring water in my s neck airlock. I have three different styles of airlocks I hear that some put vodka in the airlock, but I only have Teachers Highland Cream. Is it okay? It's for medicinal use (I drink it when I need to sleep well.)
  19. Donatelo

    I'm drunk!

    I have brewed several batched of wine and always wondered if it was truly an alcoholic beverage. Mind you, I don't usually drink more than a single glass of wine at evening. I never had any effects , got a buzz or felt different from the wine that I have brewed. Just for curiosities sake, I...
  20. Donatelo

    Wine Expert Island mist peach/apricot

    I just received this wine kit via UPS. Does anyone have experience with this kit. The kit weighs 18 lbs. and includes a f-pack of peach/ apricot. The instructions state that the wine should start at SG of 1.048 / 1,060 and end at <.996. This would only yield an ABV of 6.83 to 8.40%. I'm afraid...