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  1. Scott Harbison

    Bottled my 2018 WE Lodi Eclipse Cabernet kit today

    I started this kit on July 30, 2018. The kit has grape skins and I kept the skins on until August 24th, so about 26 days. I pressed the skins to get as much juice as possible. After I racked, I added about 1 cup of oak chips. I racked again on October 10th, then racked to a neutral oak barrell...
  2. Scott Harbison

    Bottled my first kit wine

    Well, my first winemaking experience is almost complete. I started my Fontana Merlot kit back on 7/18/18 and today I put it in bottles. The wine is about as average a tasting wine as I've ever had, actually, probably well below average for what I currently drink. But hey, I made this myself and...
  3. Scott Harbison

    First kit started tonight!

    Well, I finally got the time to start my very first home made wine! I started with a Fontana Premium Merlot kit.My primary is a Big Mouth Bubbler. I followed all of the directions except instead of filling it to 6 gallons, I only took it to 5.5 gallons. The other change I made was in pitching...
  4. Scott Harbison

    Anyone have experience with the W.E. Bergamais kit?

    After getting a few comments on my last post regarding my choice of the W.E. Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet as my first ever kit to try, I'm wondering if I should switch gears and try a red that will be ready to drink much sooner than the Cab. That would also allow me to gain experience without screwing...
  5. Scott Harbison

    My first wine kit arrived today!

    I've decided to begin my wine making experience with this Eclipse Cabernet kit. I went with the Cab since I prefer bigger, bolder wines. And, I liked the fact that it has skins with this one. I ordered oak chips and some tannin, "just in case it needed some extra ummph! Now, I'm just waiting...
  6. Scott Harbison

    Hello from the New Orleans area!

    Hello everyone! I am a complete newbie to home wine making. I've been considering giving it a try for a few years now, but my busy work travel schedule has kept me from doing so. However, I'm traveling less now and plan on giving it a go! I had a great sit down discussion and tasting with fellow...