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    This Years Cab Sav

    This how I spent Saturday night 860lbs of Cab Sav grapes to stomp and crush destem. We ended up with around 88 gallons of must. Then the party started.
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    Where to find

    I am looking for juice in 55 gallon drum. Cab Franc, Sheraz, Cab Sav. would be interested in whites also. Sorry about that I live in central Kentucky Mark
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    Will filtering take out all the lees when racking to the secondary. Also when doing any other racking??? Thanks Mark
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    Do I need to place the lid on tight or no lid at all on the primary fermenter? Instructions say to use the lid but dosen't it need to get air to ferment correctly? Thanks racer turning to wine making:)
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    Hello From Kentucky

    I would like to say hello from central Kentucky. I am ready to start making some wine. From what I have been reading here there is a lot of people that can help out. Thanks in advance.