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    Wine expert Limited Edition Primitivo

    This will be my first WE kit under the new packaging regime. I'll give them chance on this one because in addition to pulling back on the juice I feared they might become a little less adventuresome on varietals and styles. This one has me as excited as the the mid-summer release of Nocturne...
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    New Winexpert Kits

    These guys are going to blow their company up. I feel sorry for Label Peelers, cause I spend in the neighborhood of 500-700 dollars a year with them at least (and I'm small potatoes), but I really feel like I'm being insulted when I watch that clip. SMALLER KITS MEANS LESS PASTEURIZATION...
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    WineXpert Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvedre Kit

    The Vieux Chateau du Roi from Winexpert is (or should be) a Cote du Rhone. I prefer to to the Aussie GSM. My GSM is at about a year now and while I enjoyed my first bottle last week it is a bit too fruit forward and I preferred teh Chateau du Roi.
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    Blue Wine using kits

    https://www.atlasobscura.com/foods/blue-wine?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=atlas-page&fbclid=IwAR0BaOYC15rkp8bGYJqP7TkS6Xi-tMiArmoc8NnmVpQ1S2CBoOcOEgtrMUs Forgot to include this link.
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    Blue Wine using kits

    Anyone know if this hack possible? And what exactly do they mean 'filtering' through red wine skins?
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    Just Received My Eclipse Nebbiolo Kit

    I started this kit in September '18 - carboy aged for nine months, then bottled aged. Started sneaking bottles at a year (this past Sept.) and now I find myself with only thirteen bottles left. Good kit. One thing I will say is that Winexpert's oaking regime for this kit gets you nowhere...
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    Winexpert Eclipse Three Moons

    I tasted this last night at 9 weeks and I have to say I was impressed. One complaint I have about kits is sometimes it seems the finish has no legs. This one did -at nine weeks.
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    Winexpert LE19

    I'd pretty much concur with what you said here. I drew 1.5 ounces, thought the nose was a little weak, and I don't know why, but I think this is going to be pretty good. I'd like to bottle in a few more months, commence to sneaking a bottle here and there, keeping most of until at least his...
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    Winexpert LE19

    So mine was started 3/28 which made 5 months yesterday. I've going to try rememer to draw a taste tonight when I get home from work and report back.
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    Winexpert LE19

    Yeah, the Tempranillo is the one that jumps out at me and will definitely be ordering. What IS your early tastes on the Corazon...mine is coming up on 5 months bulk aging and I just had the smallet taste about three months ago? I've been so busy I've forgotten.
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    Other Are kit sales a seasonal?

    There are reasonable sales throughout the year. You can dive in at any time. Kits aren't sensitive to seasonality like juice pails, fresh grapes etc. Most kit makers have stable lines of product with 'special' releases sprinkled during the course of the year.
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    Winexpert Eclipse Three Moons

    I'd never been betrayed by my airlock before, and now I'll never be able to trust it again.
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    Winexpert Eclipse Three Moons

    A weird thing I've had happen with this kit, and I've only been doing this for close to three years so I definitely haven't seen everything - still learning. I followed the kit instructions and used the provided EC-1118. If I hadn't been taking hydrometer measurements every day I would have...
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    I made wine!!! Now a bottling question...

    I would definitely age the Aussie GSM. My own inclination is to make something that drinks well earlier so I can leave the other stuff alone. The Gerwurztraminer probably fits that bill. My kit drinking go to is Vieux Chateau du Roi for reds so I can leave stuff like the Nebbiolo (and the...
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    Winexpert Eclipse Three Moons

    When I get mine home I'll have a look at the yeast - otherwise no mods here.
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    New Barrels for Forum Members

    Mainshipfred, I saw your post above and don't want to add to the last minute scramble - if any one leaves you in the lurch for one of the 25L I'd be interested.
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    Winexpert Eclipse Three Moons

    Mine looks like it's arriving today. If it does, I may start it tonight.
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    Where to Buy Grapes in Michigan

    Mid-Michigan offers juice pickup in New Hudson/South Lyon area. These are juices though, not grapes. https://mid-michiganvintnersupply.com/wake-making-tips/
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    Winexpert Eclipse Three Moons

    With skins. Looks interesting. Just pre-ordered. https://labelpeelers.com/wine-making/eclipse-three-moons-cab-sauv-18l-wine-kit-with-skins/
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    Where to Buy Grapes in Michigan

    Also, I know there's some Cab-Sauv grown in the southwestern corner of the state that you can buy, but I don't know if you can get it delivered (I know a guy who did, but he was ordering thousands of pounds).