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    Big and Bold again!

    I sent mine today. Should be at your place Friday
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    Big and Bold again!

    I am still planning on sending one
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    Petite Pearl Wine

    My numbers this year for my Petite Pearl grapes Ph. 3.68 Ta. 7.8 Brix. 21 I did not have a good year. Had a very heavy frost/freeze 12 May. 3/4's of the buds were opened, lost them. Harvest was very light, 5 lbs per plant. Last year 11 lbs per plant. Vines are 6 years old. Winter...
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    Other Racked to secondary, how long can I leave it?

    I would think so. I would leave it, just keep checking the airlock, rack it around Christmas. Then leave it till mid spring. Rack it again, should degas itself by then and think about putting it in bottles.
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    Free run with pressed?

    I think a lot depends on how hard you press. I do a very soft pressing, the solids don't even form into a block, they stay lose. I think if you press hard way to much sediment (lees) go into the wine and you end up losing even more wine thru many rackings than extra wine you gain by hard...
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    Pellet gun does wonders and on the plus side it's a lot of fun for the whole family.
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    Pruning in fall?

    I grow Petite Pearl and they do just fine. Makes a very good wine along the lines of California grapes. The acid is very low so if you like a dry wine this is the way to go. None of those funky tastes you get from most Pa wines. I am growing my vines 60 miles north of Pittsburgh, just above...
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    anyone had a TA this high?

    I had Frontenac and my best year (beautiful summer, hot and dry) the Ta was 1.2 I pulled the vines out the following spring and planted Petite Pearl. I haven't looked back. Yes cold storage will help some along with molatic fermentation but it still come down to bad wine, unless you like...
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    Are Your Grapes Ripe?

    I found this article very interesting and for me at least Very easy to understand :h http://www.chanticleerwine.com/assets/client/File/Harvest-Information-Article.pdf
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    Pruning in fall?

    I use mancozeb and spray every 14 days starting right after bud break till the grapes start to change color. Then use Captan till a few weeks before harvest. Are you planning to make wine from these grapes. Have you ever had any of these wines. I think they are a very acquired taste for...
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    Pruning in fall?

    Andrew, i would let them be, after the leaves fall off i would rack under the vines and get rid of as much as you can. Question, what type of grapes are you growing? Some are much more susceptible to mildew and black rot. I am 60 miles due north of Pittsburgh and will be harvesting my...
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    Petite pearl

    Well Semenn, I bottled the Petite Pearl about 1 week ago, ended up with 45 bottles. I am super happy with the wine, I think it tastes really, really good. Its hard for me to describe. The color is dark ruby, nice aroma, slight but noticeable tannins, maybe a little bit spicy, slight plum...
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    Latest southern WI vineyard

    Looking real nice:r
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    Big and Bold again!

    Add me. Need address
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    Anyone Growing Marquette Grapes?

    No trumpet vines. 2 yellow 1 red
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    Anyone Growing Marquette Grapes?

    Pics Here are a few pics
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    Anyone Growing Marquette Grapes?

    What are you going to use the pergola for? I think that is a Much more important question. How many people will you have using it? I have a pergola, put it in about 15 years ago. Used 4x4's and 2x6's. 10 footers i think. All from Home Depot.
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    Spray question.

    I remember reading about people who used skim milk as a spray that killed powdery mildew, google it.
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    Spray question.

    What are You spraying for? Different things, different answers :h