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    blending to adjust ph

    I have a question about proper proportions when blending. I have about 10g of strawberry wine that is measuring 3.3-3.4 ph. It's very tart. I did not check the ph of the must before fermentation. My fault. There is enough fruit in the freezer to make about 3g of strawberry. I'm thinking I...
  2. K

    Fav Apple Cyser recipe?

    My fall honey flow is about over. I robbed the hives before they could collect too much goldenrod nectar. After robbing the hives, I have an abundance of honey in the kitchen. I'm grateful it's far more than I will use for cooking until the spring harvest. :h Does anyone have a favorite...
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    Pomegranate ph 2.9

    Recipe: - 2.5g Costco pomegranate juice - sugar to 1.085 - 2 tsps yeast nutrient - 1 package of Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast - 1/4 tsp tannin The wine is in the carboy. Took a sample today and it's *very* tart. I broke out my pH meter and got a reading of 2.9. How can I...
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    Bought a ph meter - now what?

    So, I bought a pH meter. It's a nice little thing and I got storage & calibration solutions for it. So, how do I interpret the results? If I get a ph of X, how can I use that number?
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    Choosing a ph meter?

    For a variety of reasons, including my poor color vision, I'm interested in picking up a digital ph meter for my musts and wines. Can anyone recommend (or steer me away from) a particular brand or model?
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    Pear Melomel Recipe?

    I've been given about 35 pounds of local pears (after cleaning). I just robbed the hive of the last honey for the year. Anyone have a Pear Mel recipe? :b
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    frustration w/steam juicing solved!

    I've been steam juicing since I read about it in Wade's posts last year. I love the process, but it still produced more sediment than I expected or desired. After grumbling about it... I had an idea. For my last two batches (blackberry & peach), I've been steam juicing> However, now I'm...
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    Banana Kiwi - recipe check please?

    I'd appreciate any input you have on my banana-kiwi recipe:
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    blackberries... steam-juice or not?

    Let's just say that 25 pounds of BB fell into my lap today. I'm thinking hard about making 5g of wine. 1. Is 25 pounds going to be enough for 5g? JK's full-bodied recipe recommends 6 pounds. If not, I'll use 20 pounds and just make 3g. 2. To steam-juice or just use a fruit bag? These...
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    effect of malt on berry wine?

    Has anyone experimented with using malt as a sweetener in a berry wine? What kind of results did it give to the finished product? -K9
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    Victorio Strainer...

    So, I was starting a batch of mixed berry wine today... avoiding the real work I needed to do around the house. My doorbell rang and the UPS guy dropped off my new (old) Victorio strainer. While my 22lbs of berries steam-juiced away... I took time to unbox, wash and assemble it. I was...
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    Pear not clearing

    Happy Easter, everyone. I've got some pear that I started on May 29, 2010. I used the recipe from the magenta "recipe handbook". It was racked several times and I used bentonite once - all before I stabilized & fpak'd the wine (September 9-12, 2010). It was still a little hazy, but I...
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    Critique of apple recipe, please?

    I've bottled my apple wine after about 7 months of bulk aging. I'm going start something with a touch of spice. After reviewing a number of recipes out there... this is what I'm looking at: 4 gallons apple cider 3 cans of apple juice concentrate (to bolster flavor) 2 lbs brown sugar 1.5...
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    Joe's Ancient Orange

    Good afternoon, everyone! I just started a 3g batch of Joe's Ancient Orange. The recipe is really counter-intuitive, but I'm following it to the letter. So, after several months, it will clear on it's own... then re-rack and bottle? I'm assuming that I should sorbate if I want to...
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    finishing strawberry

    I've got six gallons of strawberry that I'm about ready to backsweeten and bottle. It bulk-aged about seven months. test results: tartaric = .62 pH = 3.4 -3.4 I think I need to pick up a SO2 test kit and shoot for ~40ppm on that. Recommendations on an all-purpose kit for SO2...
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    Steam-juicing Pumpkins?

    Has anyone successfully steam-juiced pumpkins? I have 36 pounds of peeled and cubed pumpkin flesh in the freezer that I plan on starting this weekend.
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    I have no experience with blending wines. In April, most of my wines will have bulk aged 6-8 months. All of them have already been f-pak'd, but not back-sweetened. I'm thinking about trying some blends in either 1g or 3g carboys. My thoughts are to blend and then let the new wine age for...
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    heat damage to fruit flavor

    Being overseas with no opportunity to make wine, I've been reading a lot. In my last several f-paks, I simmered the fruit juice down to a concentrate. One of the issues that meadmakers encounter is the loss of delicate flavors when heating honey. Do you think that we lose the subtleties of...
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    CO2 / Argon / Nitrogen when racking

    Because I'm somewhere that I cannot tinker with my wine (probably better for what's bulk aging right now :p ), I've been reading. I've come across references to loading a carboy with CO2 (or other gas) prior to racking, or inserting a blanket on top of wine during aging... all to reduce...
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    backsweetening gravity?

    I have been thinking about this a while and figured there must be some rules of thumb out there. Assuming we start with a dry wine... When backsweetening to a semi-dry, (or semi-sweet, sweet, etc) what gravity should we shoot for? Also, about what volume of simple syrup should we start...