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    Apple cider/wine?

    Hi guys, I just got two gallons of apple juice. A picture is attached in case if you need to see the ingredients or have any other questions. I was wondering if you happen to know a simple apple cider or apple wine recipe that I could use. I bought the juice for the glass jugs but would like to...
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    Alcohol to stabilize wine?

    As far as I understand, a sign of the end of secondary fermentation is when all sugar is consumed. My question is if it is possible/makes sense to add alcohol to wine to stabilize it if you want sweet wine?
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    Equipment sterilization

    I understand that equipment needs to be clean but what is a big deal if you have some dry wine in your carboy and you pour another batch in there? Just curious.
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    What is this drink?

    Guys, thank you all for your support. I'm a new member here but already received some great tips and learned a few things about winemaking. I also realized that the recipe that I am using (came from my grandma) is not wine. If someone could help me identify it, it would be a huge help. The...
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    Heat mat

    Hi guys, anyone has experience with heat mats that are controlled by a thermostat? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IDQD32Y/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
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    Primary fermentation

    Hi Guys, Any good way to tell if primary fermentation is completed? Yes, I can get a hydrometer and check the readings for several days and see if the reading is still the same, BUT: - The process started 16 days ago - 1 gallon jug is still bubbling every 15 seconds - I feel if I continue...
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    New guy from Colorado Springs.

    Hi guys, I live in Colorado Springs and got excited about fermentation about 3 months ago. I am as new as they get in fermenting drinks :) Now, my wife likes everything organic so I cannot use sterilizers, nutrients etc. I hope there is a small "corner" in this forum where old fashioned methods...