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  1. J

    Home wine equipment - Georgia

    I do. Sorry just seeing your post. Actually should be using the filter this weekend. Jbo
  2. J

    Home wine equipment - Georgia

    Getting out of the hobby. Got several carboys, floor corker, buon vino mini jet, and even a white zin kit(fresh, not old). I live near Gainesville, GA. You’ll need to be able to pick up. I’m sure the math won’t work for shipping. Let me know if you’re close and interested. Jbo
  3. J

    2020 Frozen Grape Pre-orders Now Available

    Realizing it’s different to different zips, but how bad is shipping for single pails? Jbo
  4. J

    Found out I may not be as strange as I thought.

    Sounds like a version of continuous tepache. - pleasant stuff when I’m in the right mood(and good probiotics too, if you’re into that). But I’m not sure I like it enough to keep it going all the time. I’d end up baking bread with it. :) Jbo
  5. J

    Inadvertent EXTENDED!! Maceration/Primary

    Started an En Primeur Winwmaker’s Trio in February and with all the hullabaloo just got around to transferring out of the PRIMARY. So apparently testing two things: A) Long time in plastic primary bucket and B) 6 month + extended maceration. The wine has been at room temp in a closet since...
  6. J

    Grapes by mail

    Good specific feedback. Thanks, Ike. Jbo
  7. J

    Grapes by mail

    I saw that one. Seems mixed. Like maybe a couple of the pails were good and a couple weren’t frozen anymore(but maybe still OK). Was wondering if anybody else had tried. Didn’t realize that thread was as current as it is, so may be the only reference at this point. Thanks for the quick...
  8. J

    Grapes by mail

    Anybody used Grapesforwine(dot)com? Comments on quality or service? Prices seem pretty good. Thinking about ordering some for the fall. Thanks. Jbo
  9. J

    Who all uses wine bags?

    I rinse with SO2 when emptied and then right before filling again. I reuse the bags from (gasp) store bought boxed wine too. Jbo
  10. J

    RJ Spagnols Cru International Cab/Merlot

    I have both of those as well. I am a little disappointed in the Nebbiolo from a technical standpoint, but it is really tasty. Jbo
  11. J

    Who all uses wine bags?

    I like it. Pretty straight forward. You can leave stuff in the bag way longer than they say(and don’t tell anybody, but I’m not above reusing the bags). Along the lines of whatNorton said, I don’t put my “fine” stuff in it. I use it for the stuff I want to drink to keep myself out of the...
  12. J

    No nose

    Just to clarify, I wasn’t suggesting vacuum would improve taste per se, only that it would ensure removal of dissolved CO2, which absolutely mutes flavors. Jbo
  13. J

    No nose

    I feel certain there must be “some” loss of aromatics with vacuum moving wine, but I taste virtually every batch both before and after(just because I can) and have never detected a loss of aroma. Jbo
  14. J

    Cellar Craft Starting first kit today - CC Mystic Red

    My chickens love left over grape skins and seeds. . . .the sots. Jbo
  15. J

    No nose

    I don’t know of a scientific test though there may be one. Like many went to vacuum racking and have had good success. Still light on nose, though. Jbo
  16. J

    No nose

    Even tiny amounts of residual CO2 seem to inhibit aromas in my experience. That said, very red kit I’ve ever made(and that’s a fair number, though not as many as some) has been lacking in nose regardless of the flavors. Jbo
  17. J

    Affordable grapes in the southeast?

    I’ve tried emailing Colavita multiple times and no success. I’ll try some more. thanks for the response. Jbo
  18. J

    Affordable grapes in the southeast?

    I haven’t, Tatmia. Thank you for the tip. Jbo
  19. J


    Don’t be jerky Nicola. It’s unbecoming. You basically said, “My drink tastes funny. What’s wrong with it?” We didn’t even know what you’re drinking. How were we supposed to know? Joe made a perfectly reasonable observation. People here are happy to help, but they need at least some kind...
  20. J

    RJ Spagnols RJS Cru International

    I did mine with a Nebbiolo too. The neb is good, but it’s much lighter than I expected. Jbo