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  1. Ryan S

    Blew up my office with 1 gal bottle bomb

    Oops. Glass embedded in the wall, dent in the fridge, this was intense, I'm glad it blew over night! https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN7GVx1iJPO9y4uI9YbJCakdrQfct4MF393h6rI4Qvo40Vtt_LdB-p-7-8X780FUw?key=R3ZWMGRsMU1lODZNQ2thTXVnbzVKa2NOd0tmd1p3 Defused the remaining few 12-ounce bottles...
  2. Ryan S

    Pasteurize SP instead of using stabilizers

    Hi! I have 5 gallons in secondary, tastes awesome so far. I made it at work with my coworkers, was a lot of fun. I've read a couple people complaining about the taste of k-meta and k-sorbate that the original SP recipe calls for, and I happened upon this thread...