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    Cellar Craft clearing aging bottling

    cab sav cellar craft 5 week. i racked about a month ago, added the kmeta sorbate etc and blueberry choc honey and rasberry f pac. i racked again last week and added isinglass finnings clearing agent cause there was an awful lot ot stuff on the side of the glass on the inside and floating on the...
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    Cellar Craft problem with clearing and life

    ok i added blueberry and small amount of chocolate honey as an fpac to wine, i simmered the berry and stirred in the chocolate honey, i added the fpac after the sorbate and k meta, then racked to glass carboy then added clering stuff i had supplied with the kit, and then after a good stir i let...
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    Cellar Craft what is F-pac.

    i want to add blueberries, from info on this forum it looks like i can add at second ferment stage, i am at that stage now but i see people are saying to add as an f-pac, i dont know what this means, i dont know if i need to add more yeast with it as someone mentioned that it is hard to ferment...
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    Cellar Craft 5wk cab sav cellar craft questions

    hello winers. i am making a cellar craft 23 litre cab sav, i asked questions long time back about adding extras but a bit confused with answers, they were good but lack of knowledge on my behalf..., i wanted to add some rasberries and blueberries and maybe raisins. there was a comment sayin i...
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    Cellar Craft trying to get creative

    making a cab sav in cellar craft and was wondering if i could add raisins or blue berrys or plums, to the initial mix to give more flav and body, if i do will i need to add more water to the mix???????? what are the general rules with adding extras, thanks heaps dudes regards fish. sydney...
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    Cellar Craft corkage problems

    hey people, ok so the story is i bottled my wine and was worried about flavour as it was not great but tried some after about four days and it had improved already so i was pleased but a long way to go yet i feel. i realised that there is some bits of cork in the wine after corking, i realised...
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    Cellar Craft quality of wine?

    i bottled my wine yesterday and it doesnt taste all that good. i put half it through one of those gravity filters but it was taking too long (literally drop by drop) so i only did about half of it. but it was pretty clear anyway cause i had racked about 5-6 times. i think it is just about...
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    Cellar Craft cellar craft home kit iussue

    hello, i already posted about this and stiil the same prob. i am supposed to be ready for bottling although i am allowed to bulk age for another three weeks before i have to add some metasulphite to ensure stable aging. 5 days ago i racked to plastic carboy and back to glass again , this has...
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    Cellar Craft cellar craft kit question

    hi people, i am making california merlot, cellar craft and i am in the clearing stage, where i put in the little powder bags to stop fermenting and then the chisosan and kieselol (spl) i think thats to group all particles together and clear the wine. the wine is now in a glass 23 litre carboy or...