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    Are Your Grapes Ripe?

    I found this article very interesting and for me at least Very easy to understand :h http://www.chanticleerwine.com/assets/client/File/Harvest-Information-Article.pdf
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    Petite Pearl Wine

    I racked my PP for the 3rd time a few days ago. Filled a few bottles and put the rest back into carboys to age till this years picking. Now this is just my opinion but I am VERY happy with this wine. I would say it is on par with a lot of west coast wines. It has a deep red color...
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    Petite Pearl Wine

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has made wine from Petite Pearl grapes? If you have can you PLEASE pm me. Have many questions. Thank You. TonyR.
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    Battery Powered Pruners

    Anyone familiar with any type of battery powered pruners. Need to be powerful enough to do my grapes and my fruit trees. Hands don't work that well anymore
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    SO2 in Wine

    I understand that the free so2 will dissipate when wine is racked or during long term bulk aging. If wine is bottled and corked with high levels of so2 will the so2 dissipate with time as in over a year.
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    Need help

    Will be pruning my vines in the next month or 2. After trimmimg I like to spray the vines with Lime Sulfur, my problem is they do NOT sell it in the US to the home gardener anymore. Need a substitute for Lime Sulfur. What is everyone here using. Thanks for the Advice.
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    Thought I would try my hand at making Pepperoni. Have been on a hunt for the perfect pizza since I retired from the Navy 20 years ago, still haven't made it:h. But you do need pepperoni for a topping and store bought, well some is ok. I used the recipe from CHARCUTERIE by Michael Ruhlmman &...
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    Italian Hot Sausage

    Just finished cleaning up the kitchen. Cut up 2 pork butts added my spices, ground up the meat and stuffed it into natural hog cassings 15 lbs. of nice hot sausage that I know what is in it:h
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    Petite pearl

    I picked then crushed/destemmed Friday 16 Sep, I ended up with 8 6 gal buckets of grapes, after crushing/destemming i had 20 gal of very clean must. Pitched my yeast Lalvin RC 212 yesterday (just sprinkled 3 packs of yeast over the top of the must) a few hours later the yeast was working...
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    Picked Petite Pearl

    Picked my grapes this morning, wanted to wait a bit longer but the were starting to raisin, about 5%, Ended up picking 8 6gal buckets of grapes. Ran them thru the crusher/destemmer and ended up with 20 gal of clean must, added kmeta and sugar to get to 1.100 or 13% alcohol. 16 Sep 2016...
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    Petite Pearl Getting Close

    Just though i would post a pic of my vines. Should be harvesting in a few more weeks. The Blix is 15 to 17 throughout the vineyard. The seeds are mostly brown and a few have no meat sticking to them. Will harvest from 26 vines.:fsh
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    Looking for a wine making log to use on iPad Not a paper log but a log that I can fill. In wine making info on the computer. Thanks all:ib
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    Frost Damage

    Got hit very hard with a freeze on Sat morning (28*f) lost all my Frontenac Gris and petite Pearl. Am hoping for secondary buds. Should I pull of all dead vegetation or just leave it?
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    Mead question

    Just got 13 lbs of raw wild flower honey and 1qt. of home made maple syrup. Plan on making some orange mead. Have made lots of grape wine over the years this will be a first for mead. My question is does anyone oak there mead. Thanks. Tony's