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  1. wxtrendsguy

    Help needed

    Looks more like herbicide damage, possibly Roundup, maybe Dicamba (if in rural farming area). Water stress results in wilting...you are showing signs of herbicide damage based on the leaf curling
  2. wxtrendsguy

    Rattlesnake Hills Malbec

    This is the point and going forward you want to get rid of any head space. Top that carboy and conical.
  3. wxtrendsguy

    Our first Wine show....

    Don't forget about a place to make the wine...and store bottle inventory. You will need 3000 sq ft just for that. Trust me moving stuff in and out of the winery for every event that needs heated or cooled space gets real old real quick.
  4. wxtrendsguy

    Gas Price Watch

    Still $2.15 a gal in the Peoples Republic of Pennsylvania with the highest gas taxes in the nation and we still have bad roads.
  5. wxtrendsguy

    Approaching time to do my first pruning

    I have both vinifera and hybrid vines all on mid wire...the hybrids are spurred and the vinifera is cane pruned. That being said when we plant a new vine, in year one we just let it grow. Now at the start of year two which is where you are at now if the 1 yr old trunk is weak and skinny we cut...
  6. wxtrendsguy

    Theory: rabbits contributing to crown gall?

    Buy some cheap rabbit fencing and circle the plants with a cage...or better yet surround the whole vineyard with rabbit fence...
  7. wxtrendsguy

    Finished pruning now to spray

    I'd recommend Quintec around flowering...its very effective and fairly cheap as well. Only use once a year.
  8. wxtrendsguy

    Brown marmorated stink bug

    They love to winter behind the siding of your house....especially vinyl siding. They typically crawl inside through exterior vents such as bathroom fan or kitchen exhaust fan. We see one or two a month in the winter. Pretty much just gently shoo them onto a paper and release outside into the...
  9. wxtrendsguy

    Dispensa-matic Bottlematic II

  10. wxtrendsguy

    Dispensa-matic Bottlematic II

    Yes I still have it...still in its original box with instructions and little tools it came with...
  11. wxtrendsguy

    Finished pruning now to spray

    Keystone Pest Solutions has it by the 5 gal bucket.
  12. wxtrendsguy

    Finished pruning now to spray

    Lime Sulfur...it is a joy to work with. But I would wait till later this winter before applying...
  13. wxtrendsguy

    Dispensa-matic Bottlematic II

    16" Bottle-matic II used 1 season. Also has the automatic bottle detector. Can apply both front and back label. Brand new was $2350. Great label applicator for the super serious hobbyist or small winery, cider house, microbrew or distiller just starting out. Looking for $1600 + shipping.
  14. wxtrendsguy

    Steam Clean Barrels?

    My first rule of barrels is if it smells bad inside it is time to become a flower pot. Strong VA smell or anything foul smelling is not going to always be fixed by steaming...sometimes a barrel's life holding wine is over. As far as steaming a barrel, with the size you are talking about any...
  15. wxtrendsguy

    Opinions of Chromatography results

    Another thought is to add some oak chips or cubes. Lactic bacteria really love wood and will make a happy home there. I frequently barrel a wine in 1 yr or older barrels after pressing and MLF takes off without doing anything. I clean and steam the barrels and sure enough put wine in there...
  16. wxtrendsguy

    Opinions of Chromatography results

    If you want to be sure send a sample to a lab and get a measurement of the Malic acid...do it again in a month and see if it changes. In the mean time keep it warm, near 70F, and give the lees a stir once a week. Looking at your image I'd say MLF has begun and is just progressing slowly. I do...
  17. wxtrendsguy

    Crown Gall management

    Unfortunately those vines are what I call zombie vines...they are most likely dead but just don't know it yet. Probably will die next summer. I'd probably wait till budbreak and then cut off the trunks about 6" above the graft and hope you get some suckers push from non infected portions of...
  18. wxtrendsguy

    Replicating a 100 point wine...this season’s plan

    Make sure you wine is clean or you have an filter in line...diaphragm pumps are notorious for getting gummed up with the littlest amount of debris...
  19. wxtrendsguy

    Northern Kentucky. Grape Growing

    Chambourcin, Noiret, Norton, and maybe Corot Noir. All are pretty cold hardy. I strongly urge you to spend the rest of the winter after you have selected your varieties planning your IPM program for disease and insects and how you plan to apply those materials. Some of these hybrid varieties...