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    Wild Muscadine propagation

    I'm hoping to buy some land and put in a vineyard for a winery in the future and have came up with a idea. All of the best muscadine wines I've had have a certain percentage of the grapes are wild muscadines that we picked from the woods. If I take cuttings from wild vines and propagate them and...
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    Pink Lemonade Blueberries

    Has anyone ever tried to make wine using Pink Lemonade Blueberries? I have been thinking of putting in a few bushes on my Blueberry farm as a expirement but if someone has already tried it and it didn't work I don't want to waste the field space.
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    Differences in making wine.

    I have been making wine for several years now and have just recently started reading on forums like this on how other people make wine and technical terms of the process. The only way I have ever made wine is a 50 gallon barrel that is food safe and airtight with a cork with a hose running...
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    Confused about the process of fining

    I usually make a 30-40 gallon batch of organic blueberry wine from the fruit off of my families blueberry operation every year. I usually just filter through a cheese cloth and wire strainer but I have noticed a smoky haze in my bottled wine after several months. This year I want to try fining...