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  1. KCCam

    Boiling water to set color of plum wine, or avoid it to prevent pectic haze?

    My niece needs to pick her plum trees clean so they don't attract the bears. Lucky for her she has an uncle that can use them! :b I hope to be getting 40 or 50 lbs. I've read lots of posts saying you should never heat the fruit, as it activates the pectin and can cause issues clearing. Someone...
  2. KCCam

    What to do with a “rescued” Innis & Gunn Barrel?

    I found this Innis & Gunn oak barrel beside a garbage dumpster behind a storage unit operation. One of the steel straps is twisted and deformed. I’ve never aged wine in a barrel. Should I repair this and use it? Or cut it up and use it to oak my wine? Or is it maybe really trash?
  3. KCCam

    Weird problems with first batch of Pee

    Maybe I’m not patient enough, but on day #21 SG is stuck at 1.008. This is what it looked like on day #4, SG hadn’t changed - still at 1.070. I’ve never seen yeast clump like that. No bubbles. I’ve been lurking for a couple months now and finally got a chance to foray into the SP/DB...