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  1. hounddawg

    how dry i am,

    yup,,, i';m a thinking my skeeter pee port ambushed me to night ,whew I'm done tonight, later folks lol Dawg
  2. hounddawg


    today was my wound care doctors visit, after we left, my brother and i go to a outside BBQ place, about half way thru eating, i see the owner sitting about 30 feet away, i ask him if he was in the dog house, he said no, but was staying away from others because his wife had covid, Delbert and i...
  3. hounddawg

    skeeter pee question?

    i am wondering , does anyone age their skeeter pee? now i do divert from the original recipe, I start with 6 gal water, 1 to 2,, 32 ounce bottles of lemon concentrate, i use EC-1118 for my yeast, add both yeast energizer & nutrient, my SSG ,1.090, I step feed sugar and yeast nutrient &...
  4. hounddawg


    starting a apple wine 11/5/20 80+lbs. honey crisp apples cut up and frozen,,, 18 gallon apple juice, in ferment barrel along with 3/4 tsp,,, potassium metasuliphate, 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient, 3 tbs pectic enzyme, tomorrow, the cut up apples should be thawed out, will take it from there...
  5. hounddawg


    i used homewinery.com concentrates for years,,, for fruits and berries that i don't have, but under new management , in my opinion greed has ruined a great single fruit concentrate, i bought several in December-January, same as always, but not now. no longer, now mainly white grape juice, ALL I...
  6. hounddawg

    can't be mine,,,

    i make only country wines, although i like sweet white wines, or dessert wines I guess that is what traditional wines are called,, {grape) but anyway,,, i make any fruit/berry I can get my hands own, and they taste ok, but I set back at least 2/3's of each batch both bottle and mainly in...
  7. hounddawg

    pear pectinase enzyme

    last time i had to replace my computer, i lost my site address to get pear pectinase enzyme. i also had it written down, but can't find it in any notes, does anyone have the web address for the pear pectinase enzyme? Thank You Dawg
  8. hounddawg

    black cherry kool-aid

    anybody know the pro's and con's of trying a black cherry kool-aid,, any suggestions, like don't do it ! to add this, but not that, just wanting another experiment,, Dawg,
  9. hounddawg


    welp for the first time, i did not test my PH on a wine i'd never made before, bottled 30 bottles, then tasted, tasted like flat crap, got my meter out calibrated it and there i set at 4,3, poured it all back into a carboy, adjusted to 3.6 and bottled, if i had a brain, it would rattle Dawg
  10. hounddawg

    some help please,

    ok using EC-1118 with SSG of 1.110 and keep step feeding sugar and nutrients fermenting as far as possible,then taking the 6-GALLONS of skeeter pee then adding 750 ml of 190 proof everclear, what is the approximate, ABV of the skeeter pee after all that? thank you Dawg
  11. hounddawg

    white grape juice

    can white grape juice be done in a way to end up tasting like the juice sweet and fruity? Dawg
  12. hounddawg

    to each their own,,,,

    i've long pondered the way some if not most use mathematics equations , and complicated formulas to make your wines, such adherandance to wine making, where as i just go with the flow, after several years of pondering,, i have decided yawls enjoyment to your ways are as enjoyable to yawl as my...
  13. hounddawg

    Bummed out

    i got a call yesterday, a long time friends, sister called called me, tom was up in the mo bootheel , got clocked doing 94 in a 55 zone, he tried to outrun got bumped of his scooter made it back on his bike and took off across a field, drove to the middle pulled his 9mm and popped himself, tom...
  14. hounddawg


    so i am allowed 200 gallon a year, i got 120 gallon of wines to do, so the next 80 left to go i need to study own, Drawg
  15. hounddawg

    Dragons Blood

    ok this is my first DB,,,, used concentrations from homewinery.com 1-blackberry 1-blueberry 1-sourcherry used EC-1118,,, SSG 1.085 Will make 13 gallons after racking and topping off i should have 12 gallons Dawg
  16. hounddawg


    got my strawberry must ferment started today,, used 3 concentrates from homewinery.com to add to 13 gallons of water, nutrients per directions, SSG 1.095, a few days later than i had expected, getting older, just happy to still be pitting along, 1'm putting away my 2 - 14 gallon fermenter...
  17. hounddawg

    Fruit Packs Values

    ok first off most of my questions cause comotian, that is not my intent, i see fruit pack,s seem to be very popular,,,, i've been on here since 2014, but learned from the old timers clean back into my early teens, 59 now,, hence my unorthodox style, i see many winemakers both traditional and...
  18. hounddawg

    polycarbonate hydrometer

    anyone got experience with these polycarbonate hydrometers , i buy glass hydrometers 5 at a time, being insomniatic at times, i end up in my wine room at some very odd hours, odd enough the county law had to make sure i was not a meth cook, lol. but anyway i broke another one at the neck...
  19. hounddawg

    Topping off

    i read many, many post, some to help me, some just to learn others ways, to keep a open mind for learning is a advantageous thing,, that being said, i have read many post, some top off with water, or a like wine or use marbles or head space removers,,, i keep 1 gal jugs, 1/2 gal jugs, 750 ml...
  20. hounddawg

    blackberry/elderberry mix

    started a new must 3 blackberry concentrates from homewinery.com, 2 lb wild blackberries and 35 lb of elderberry, 18 gallon water, will dial in SSG tomorrow, already got pectic and yeast nutrients in it, will get my SSG correct and pitch K1V-1116 come morning, Dawg