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    Wine that I started before I got into this group

    Before i got into this group I started a wanna be wine and listened to a guy at work on how to make it.. no chemicals added.. he said just let the blueberries ferment in a bucket for no longer than 7 days, so that's what I did.. starting hydro was 1.125 or 16 %.. I then put the juice into a...
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    Ok this might be a stupid question but why Rack wine 2 and 3 times? That's just removing the sediment at the bottom essentially and allowing the wine to clear.. wouldnt the sediment stay at the bottom either way? Thanks
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    Possible Campden mistake

    I'm not sure if I should have waited to put the 1 tablet of crushed campden in like the directions say. I made 5 gallons of strawberry in a bucket. It was doing great. I just saw in the beginning of the book that all recipies are for 1 gallon. I didnt add enough for 5 gallons, only 1. Everything...
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    Help, my strawberry fermentation stopped

    About 5 days ago I started strawberry, it was doing great. I started getting the crust on top about 2 days in. Stirred it every day. Yesterday it just quit.. now it looks flat and the hydro is below any reading. It called for yeast, nutrient, and 2 lbs sugar. Anyone know what might have...