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  1. J

    Leaving oak spirals in the wine

    Is there any reason to bother taking an oak spiral out of wine that is bulk aging? It supposedly is fully extracted after 6 weeks and I'm wondering if it's worth fishing around the carboy to get it out is wort the effort. Jim
  2. J

    Plastic primary fermentaion bucket fail

    I was just reading that there were some problems with plastic primary fermentation buckets made by Ropak having the bottoms give out after a few uses. Has anybody had this problem? Anybody know if the problem was fixed? Thanks. Worried Jim
  3. J

    Bad corks?

    Has anybody had any trouble with composit corks falling apart in their wine bottles? I have some pieces of something floating around in my old vine zin that was clear when I bottled it. It doesn't look like anything is growing in it and the wine still looks clear.
  4. J

    RJ Spagnols First RJS order questions

    OK, so I ordered my first kit that contains grape skins. The process is: 1) Primary fermentation 5-7 days depending on temp and hydrometer readings. 2) Rack off lees and into secondary vessel. 3) Secondary fermentation 10-14 days, again depending on temp and hydro readings. 4) Clarify...
  5. J

    Winemakers Chocolate Raspberry Port

    Anybody tried this kit? Is it any good?
  6. J

    keeping wine in secondary fermenter

    I've noticed that some people keep their wine in the secondary fermentater for 4 months or more. Is this something that should be done with kits or just if you're starting with fruit? Also, do the lees affect the taste in a negative way if kept on them for months? Thanks Jim
  7. J

    Hi from Boston

    Hello all. My name's Jim and I'm new to wine making (although I used to brew homebrew). Been reading some of the threads and it looks like a great place for info on wine making. I've made 3 batches of wine so far, a cab, a sauvignon blanc and a red zin. The blanc is tasty already. :d Anyway...