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    Pét-Nat Sparkling Wine

    Just wondering if anyone here has experience in making Pét-Nat Sparkling Wine at home? I have a few 450 mL kombucha bottles I used to make sparking Kombucha last summer and can be usable for sparking wine making. Just saw some introduction of Pét-Nat (Natural sparking wine, which doesn't...
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    WineXpert Question about LE Australia Grenache and Cab with Grape Skin

    Hi I just bought the big kit. Surprisingly, it comes with two packets of yeast, one is 71B-1112 and one is EC-1118. Does anyone have any idea what is the purpose for these two different yeasts. The instruction just asks to sprinkle yeast(s) onto fermenter. Is is appropriate to add different...
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    Other Is it a good idea to add frozen grape concentrate to wine kit to boost flavour?

    As a new home winemaker, I am just wondering if this can improve a cheap kit. Anyone has such experience? If it works, what is the dose. Say, I have a 7L version red wine kit, such as Cab Sov. with Welch's concentrate available from grocery store. Or I can add 1 gal of Welch' juice instead of...