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    Where to get Post Materials in NJ?

    I need to set my trellis. Waited too long. This is going to be 3 rows, each about 15 vines. So total about 45. Most are Marquette and some table grapes. The spacing is 8' and I'm thinking about high cordon trellis. Some questions: 1. What is the best way for the end post? Deadman's...
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    For Trade: Table & Wine Grape Vines for Fig (NJ)

    I started those grape vines about 4-5 years ago. Those are the extras that I do not need. I can dig up in the fall in dormant season. Here is what I get: Himrod Concord Venus Reliance Glenora Vanessa Marquette I have multiple of each variety. Some are very large and the middle ones are...
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    Where to Post Plant Trading?

    I get a collection of grape plants. I like to trade them for fig plants. I'm not sure where to post them....
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    Marquette Bud Freeze Damages

    Is Marquette known for early bud out? I've seen quite some damages with the Marquette vines. I know this winter is strange. But certainly it can happen again. The Concord is still dormant, no bud swell yet.
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    Winter Dieback at 3F Degree?

    This weekend we'll have about 3F night temperature. I know this is not much in terms of winter cold weather. But I just wonder what kind of winter dieback we expect to see. I grow Marquette and several kinds of table grapes, such as Concord, Himrod, etc. Most are first year vines and they are...
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    What to Expect With the Warm Winter So Far?

    I went to check my grape vines and saw most of them have buds with white hair on top. I'm still new to growing grapes, but I did not see this until spring last season. No bud out yet. Just wonder what happens in warmer region....
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    Taking Dormant Cuttings, Store or In Spring?

    I just wonder the best it is in taking grape dormant cuttings. I can take cuttings in early dormant season, then store them in my extra refrigerator. Or I can wait until pruning time and do two things at the same time. I'm mostly concerned with success rate. Winter storage vs. winter...
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    How Much Growth to the End of Season?

    I have some 1st year vines which are growing to 4' to 5' now. I'd like to see them grow to 6' for TWC. Not sure if they will have enough time since the fall is coming. They are strong vines, just damaged once by the deer. I hope I do not have to cut them down to the ground and train them again...
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    Top the 7' Concord Vine?

    This Concord grows like a tiger. It reached 7' on my bamboo stake and is still climbing. I train it on a TWC at 6'. Should I allow it to grow to the very top and possibly drop down? Or I should top it sometime soon?
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    Grapevine Companion Planting

    This is my first year growing some grape vines in the backyard. Since the vines are still relatively small (growing to 7' tall now), I inter-planted with some vegetables, mainly okra, sweet and hot peppers. Everything is great now. The first row are the table grape vines. They are spaced 7'...
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    What Is This Ball Shape Thing on Grape Vine?

    This is on a Himrod grape vine.
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    Red Dog Vineyards is Very Bad

    https://www.reddogvineyards.com/ This place goes to get pruned grape cuttings in late winter or early spring. Then they grow the cuttings in greenhouse. They ship the rooted cuttings from May to mid June. This is much faster than the typical bare root plants, which are grown over the entire...
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    Grow Cuttings in Field for Later Transplant

    I have some rooted grape cuttings that I need to keep for possible replacement or expansion. I just like to hear about your experience. How is the spacing? I believe they can be planted very closely, like 1' within row and 2' between rows? Do you prune them? Or just let them grow and try...
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    Trellis Construction for 120' Row

    I'm planning for the trellis system for my vines, mainly Marquette and some table grape vines. There are 3 rows and each row is about 120' long. The soil is former farm land with red clay based. Planning for TWC system. I'm not sure if 120' is considered long. So I do not know if there is any...
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    Transplanted Vine Still Dormant

    Just for the fun of it, I transplanted a Concord type vine last fall. The trunk is about index finger thick. But so far it is still dormant. So I took the shovel and tried to remove it. Then I saw a bunch of white hair (roots) down there. I put back the soil and did not remove it. Why is...
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    How Long the Untreated Lumbers Last?

    I've seen some 8' untreated lumbers for sale at good price. They appear to be something like Douglas fir. Not sure how long the post would last....
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    Does Seeded Concord Leaf Out Late?

    Most of my other grapes have put out buds of various sizes, but just the seeded Concord. I do not know if this is just normal...
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    How to Train First Year Vines?

    Do you keep 2-3 canes to grow up, or just leave one strong cane to climb?
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    Rooting Grape Cuttings Again...

    I received some wine grape cuttings from a nice fellow about 18 days ago. Then I put the cuttings in a 15 gallon deep pot with outdoor potting mix. The pot is stored in basement. The basement is relative dark and the temperature is about 55 to 60F. Now I see the buds have start to swell. I do...
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    Anyone Growing Double Trunks?

    If I remember it correctly, in very cold weather, it is better to train the vines to double trunks. So the vines are still fine if one trunk is winter killed. Then you just grow another new trunk. Not sure how many folks here train the double trunks. I do not think we need to change the...