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    Marquette veraision

    Here in SW Ontario (near Woodstock) veraison starts on Marquette the first week in August. That is when I do summer pruning and net all the vines or the birds will take most of the crop. We are about 4 weeks behind the DC area in terms of the arrival of Spring.
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    Petite Pearl Brix

    My Marquette vines are 8 years old here in Southern Ontario (near Woodstock) and consistently ripen around Sept 24 with 23 Brix. I use high cordon training and do a summer pruning in early August to remove excess growth and expose the bunches to some sun if possible. I have to net all my...
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    Marquette tannins

    I have never had much luck with increasing tannin levels in Marquette by adding tannin at fermentation. However, after the second racking, I add a mixture of tannins (Querplus, Tanin VR Color, Quertanin Sweet) and have had good success. Also, I let the wine sit on oak chips (French Oak Nobile...
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    Which yeast for Marquette?

    I have made Marquette using a variety of wine yeasts but the best, in my opinion is Lalvin 7122B, which gives a nice mildly fruity wine that is very popular with guests who try it. Marquette is relatively low in nose and flavour profiles and 7122B seems best in compensating for this. Also...