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    Which (common) varietals get red leaves in fall?

    Which varietals get red leaves in the fall? I have Cabernet Sauvignon planted and some plants get a few red leaves but only a very small percent, and not even the whole vine.
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    Cellar craft Pinot Noir.

    I’ve made the CC Sterling Pinot Noir a few times and it’s been great! I looked recently to buy it again and it seems every place is out of stock. Is this kit discontinued? It seems odd to me to have such a staple be out of stock.
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    Will Star San kill malolactic bacteria?

    Searched for ‘Star San Malolactic’ and was surprised the system found nothing. Will Star San kill malolactic bacteria? I’m asking because I want to use some plastic vessels to perform malolactic fermentation then reuse the same vessel for some whites, which rarely go through malo.
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    Etched Wine Glasses

    Where do people go to etched wine glasses? A quick Google turned up a few results where an image is (more or less) painted on the glass but this won’t stand the test of time. I think I’m looking for etched glasses. What do you guys recommend?
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    WE Australian Petit Verdot

    I made this kit a few years ago and it was fantastic! I noticed I was running low so I went to look for a new kit and I can’t find it anywhere. Was this a limited edition? Any idea on when LD Carlson might offer it again?
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    Alcohol content

    I thought I read somewhere (here) that a wine label alcohol content could be off within .5 % or something like that. Is this correct or is a wine label ABV statement have to be exact?
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    Serial number on glass carboy

    So I believe the TTB requires both a serial number on every vessel AND the size of the vessel listed on it someplace. (?) What have you guys used to mark glass carboys? I was considering a glass etching kit from the craft store but I’m looking for suggestions. I assume the label needs to...
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    24D in the fall

    I've always thought 24D was/is a dangerous chemical in perennial crops like grapes but this site says you can apply 24D in the fall after the grapes go dormant. Does anyone have any experience with spraying 24D while grapes are dormant? We have a Canada Thistle problem here...
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    Super Tuscan

    So I made the RJS Super Tuscan today and the hydrometer reads nearly 1.110 which equates to high 15-16% I think. Anyone else get a reading like this immediately after adding the grape pack?
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    F pack contains premixed sorbate?

    Specifically referring to Winexpert Island Mist kits; do the F packs in these kits contain premixed sorbate? If so, is the sorbate level high enough that you cannot ferment it once blended with the base of the kit? I know it comes with a sorbate packet to add at the same time as the F pack...
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    Sauvignon Blanc 'rose' ?

    I see this Sauvignon Blanc rose (link) and I wonder is this a typo for Cabernet Sauvignon (rose style) or how have they made a green grape (Sauvignon Blanc) I to a rose style? https://www.homebrewit.com/wine-ingredients/california-sauvignon-blanc-rose-wine-making-kit-by-winexpert/
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    Best liquid fertilizer

    We have all of our vines irrigated and a built in fertilization system. We can add any liquid fertilizer to the system. What is a good brand to use that also contains all the micro nutrients grapes need like copper, zinc, magnesium, etc.?
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    Cellar Craft Sterling

    I'm reading some places that Cellar Craft Sterling red kits all have a grape pack, is this true? Some sites that sell the Sterling line don't mention the grape pack at all and some do.
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    Pre-emergent safe for vineyard

    Are there any pre emergent products to keep weeds down that are safe for vineyards?
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    Phytophthora ramorum (SODS)

    Phytophthora ramorum or 'sudden oak death syndrome', does it affect vitis vinifera grapes? I know it affects other plants like rhododendron but can't find anything related to grapes. Thanks, Cody
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    Cheapest place to get grow tubes

    I need to buy 750 grow tubes and I haven't been able to find them for under $3 each. Is this the average price? I'm doing my vineyard in sections so I could reuse the tubes the next season provided of course they're not made of papermache. Although I have seen some that are papermache and of...
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    Grapes on 1 year old plant

    Have you ever seen such a thing?
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    Have you seen oak do this?

    So I have an Amarone bulk aging that I just added additional oak to. A few days after I added the oak I saw this (picture) have you seen oak do this before? I tested the SO2 immediately with a Vinmetrica SC300, it was 56 ppm. Just to be on the safe side I added another 1/8 teaspoon k meta and...
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    Can someone help? Nebbiolo & Muller Thurgau

    I haven't been able to find ANY Nebbiolo or Muller Thurgau vines; well what I should say is I haven't found any place that will ship to me. I live in Oregon and most places like Double A (NY) won't/can't ship to WA, OR, CA. Does anyone know how I could get some of these vines? I...
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    Chardonnay clone & rootsock

    So I ordered some Chardonnay #95, on Riparia rootstock, I also ordered Chardonnay #548 on 101-14. The #95 is supposed to be much higher vigor than the #548, with the probability of over cropping, so to counteract that I ordered it on Riparia rootstock which I've read reduces vigor. I only...