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    Are these about ready?
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    SO2 Potassium metabisulfite

    No one seems to be the same on this 1/4 tsp of Potassium metabisulfite = ppm in 5 gal and in 6 gallon. I have seen it range from 30ppm - 75 ppm. I know its better to measure but I am not able to measure to .10 gram yet. I was just looking at a presentation on this site showing a 1/4 tsp = 19ppm...
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    I set 3 more grape sets this year and they were Catawba. After setting them I think I discovered they are a seedless grape. This true ?
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    Cab vines

    I have a trellis with 5 cab vines and a spot to add 1 more vine. Also a 2 nd one that I might fit 2 more vines in was thinking about filling in spots with merlot. Any problem with this?