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  1. J

    Home wine equipment - Georgia

    Getting out of the hobby. Got several carboys, floor corker, buon vino mini jet, and even a white zin kit(fresh, not old). I live near Gainesville, GA. You’ll need to be able to pick up. I’m sure the math won’t work for shipping. Let me know if you’re close and interested. Jbo
  2. J

    Inadvertent EXTENDED!! Maceration/Primary

    Started an En Primeur Winwmaker’s Trio in February and with all the hullabaloo just got around to transferring out of the PRIMARY. So apparently testing two things: A) Long time in plastic primary bucket and B) 6 month + extended maceration. The wine has been at room temp in a closet since...
  3. J

    Grapes by mail

    Anybody used Grapesforwine(dot)com? Comments on quality or service? Prices seem pretty good. Thinking about ordering some for the fall. Thanks. Jbo
  4. J

    Affordable grapes in the southeast?

    Anybody found an affordable way to source vinifera grapes in the Southeast(Atlanta area)? I just can’t find a way to make it equitable. By the time shipping is added, grapes(frozen) are quadruple the cost of even premium kits. I could maybe get myself to pay double, but quadruple really...
  5. J

    So you insist on drinking your kit wine early . . .

    Thought I’d start a place where we could record suggestions for making a “quick drinking” kit. The question of which kit gets asked a lot, but there are things you can do as well. Here are a few of my notes. Add yours. 1) Lower your expectations a little. Seriously, if it takes a year or...
  6. J

    RJ Spagnols Cru International Cab/Merlot

    Started last night. Will make by the book with the exception of some additional oak. Planning to trunk age most of it, but will put back a few bottles for the year mark. Anybody done this one? Jbo
  7. J

    A little RJS tasting comparison

    Did a little ‘barrel tasting’ this evening. These were started in March, so not expecting fireworks. Just wanted to see where we were. En Primeur Nebbiolo - dry, lighter than I expected, negligible fruit, but still very nice En Primeur Cabernet - nice body, much more than the Nebbiolo...
  8. J

    Grapes around Atlanta?

    Anybody know of a grape distributor in Atlanta? Or a group buy happening? Fall is coming and I’ll be ready to get some this year if I can find them. Alternatively, anybody in the NEGA mountain areas found a vineyard that will sell small quantities of vinifera? Thanks. Jbo
  9. J

    Portuguese Floor Corker Issues

    Bottled 59 bottles last night. My PFC is not making me happy. 1) it’s all I can do to pull the handle. Seems way too hard to insert. ( I’m doing dry corks.) 2). It’s mangling the top of 50% of the corks. - tearing/significant dimpling #9 corks The two together make me think it’s not...
  10. J

    RJ Spagnols Cru International Zin

    Picked up this kit(and the Nebbiolo) recently because I wanted a Zinfandel in the cellar. Anybody done it? What did you think? Should I bump up the oak or is it pretty well balanced? Jbo
  11. J

    RJ Spagnols Cru Select vs Cru International

    What’s the verdict on how they compare? More juice versus grape “skins”. Seems like it would kind of cancel out when it comes to quality. Anybody done side by side comparisons? I’ve been getting the International because of the grape solids l, but I wonder if the more juice cancels that out...
  12. J

    Dry Dragon’s Blood Recipe?

    Anybody made a good dry Dragons Blood? Red or even rose? Seems like the original would be a little acidic without sweetening to balance it, but we don’t drink sweet wine. - not even off-dry. Thoughts? Thanks. Jbo
  13. J

    EP Amarone Kits

    Anybody know some specific differences between the RJS Amarone and Amarone Classico kits? Seems like if they’re going to have two with essentially the same name, they’d be a little more open about what differences to expect, but both descriptions just sound kind of typical Amarone to me. I’m...
  14. J

    Juice/must by mail sources?

    Looking for a source(s) for frozen juice or must. (Or fresh in season)An actual physical location within a few hours’drive of Atlanta so I could pick up would be a huge plus. I’m aware of : Brehm - sheesh, the prices M&M - seem to be out of stock on everything now(?) Walker’s Where else...
  15. J

    Cru Select preferred over En Primeur?

    I've been doing quite a bit of reading on here lately and it seems that many people note that they prefer the RJS Cru Select kits to the En Primeur kits. For those of you that do, can you explain why? Is it price/value? Is it a wine style difference? Drinks better earlier? Don't want to...
  16. J

    Northeast Georgia Guy here.

    Just joined. Long time member over at WP site but it doesn’t seem to have much traffic anymore so came here. Been brewing for almost 25 years. Would like to figure out how to make good wine from kits, but not having much luck. Would be great to connect with somebody local(ish) to Gainesville...
  17. J

    Trying kits after a LONG absence. - Degassing

    I gave up on kit wines 15 years or so ago because I could never get reds without “that taste”. I’ve recently decided to give it a go again. So I’ve recently bought and started an EP Super Tuscan, Cru Select Meritage, and EP Cabernet. Last night I started degassing the Tuscan and the meritage...