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  1. Putterrr

    should there be a concern over the age of top up wine?

    I'm making another RJS EPWS Cab and was going to use a bottle of he same wine for top up. Should I have any concerns with using a 3 year old wine to top up a fresh batch? I always wondered about this practice. thx and cheers
  2. Putterrr

    RJS Port Style Kits - 2 at once

    Looking for feedback from those than have done 2 kits at the same time. Did you add both sets or additives, bentonite-2 Yeast -4 , how did you handle the stabilizing and additives. i have the black forest and toasted caramel. i want to start the bases together and then split them just prior to...
  3. Putterrr

    Pop Up When Accessing Site

    I tried to visit WINEMAKINGTALK.COM with my new computer and it wont let me use the site unless i sign up to receive articles from Homebrewsupply.com. Whats up with that? How do I ditch the popup as I dont see an X to close it anywhere. thx
  4. Putterrr

    WineXpert Eclipse Kits and Albumex Bentonite for Compact Lees

    I was given different bentonite from a friend to try on my Eclipse kits due the huge amount of sediment in the primary. The lees amount may be the same as a winery series kit but the problem is it doesn't settle on the bottom very well. The sludge layer is usually 2+ inches thick which makes...
  5. Putterrr

    Bending a Racking Cane

    I recently replaced my racking cane after the old one broke. The new one doesn't have much of a bend to it. I've been to 4 different HBS and they all have the same cane I now have. I want more of a bend in it so has anyone ever bent their cane without it breaking? Thx
  6. Putterrr

    Bulk Aging and Clearing

    K-Meta additions aside, does racking twice at 3 month intervals help the wine drop more solids vs leaving it alone for 6 months Thx
  7. Putterrr

    WineXpert Eclipse kits only 16L Juice

    I just started an eclipse shiraz kit and was surpised that it was only 16L of juice and 2L of grape skins (they also only had a muslin small bag that barely held the skins). I never checked when I made their Selections Intl with skins but I would assume they are also 16 and 2. The RJS winery...
  8. Putterrr

    Tannin Suppliers

    There has been more mention of tannins these days. Is there a supplier that sells them in larger quantities the 3-5g which seems like one batch. Some of us need to plan out purchases ahead to as to minimize shipping costs. thx
  9. Putterrr

    Shout Out for Waterless Airlocks

    Just want give a thanks to the great folks at Vintable.com for their great product and service. I ordered 12 breathable bungs about a year and half ago to see what they were like. I just ordered more so that says it all. For bulk aging they are perfect as you never have to worry about airlocks...
  10. Putterrr

    Whats' wrong with this picture???

    Very tasty all the same
  11. Putterrr

    Recognition of supporting members

    on another website they have an icon below your name for supporting members. i think this is a good way to acknowledge those that pony up to support this site. it would also give more visibility to the fact that we have supporting members and lead to more posters wishing to lend their support...
  12. Putterrr

    Golden Raisin Ingredients

    I was just at the stores looking for golden raisins for a white wine kit and they did not have the Sun-Maid Cali Golden ones that other have posted a picture of what to use. The only 2 i found were a south african golden sultana raisins and for ingredients is says raisins, palm oil...
  13. Putterrr

    WineXpert Washington Riesling Chenin Blanc LE - Tweaks please

    This was last years limited edition which i'm finally getting around to starting ( i really have to stop buying kits till i catch up) Did anyone do any tweaks instead of following the instructions and how did they turn out? Or does anyhone have any suggestions for zesting, dried fruit...
  14. Putterrr

    WineXpert Tweaks Wanted - 16L Selection French Rosé

    I bought this kit off the sale rack and was looking to try out different stuff. The description given does not shed much light on the different flavors. I have never made a Rosé kit before and its not something I would buy. "With characteristics of both red and white wines, our crisp, off-dry...
  15. Putterrr

    Mexican Carboys

    What would be a fair price to ask for 5 gal mexican carboys? Asking for a friend and would possibly be available to Nova Scotia members that can pick them up thx
  16. Putterrr

    Simple Bottle Cleaning

    I would like to pass along something I learned yesterday that was very helpful. I have been doing this for many years and have cleaned many many bottles. Some are relatively easy to get the labels off and others have glue that requires shall we say an effort. The bottles I wanted to clean were...
  17. Putterrr

    WineXpert Interested in reviews for Selection Grape Skin Kits

    It has been about 18 months since WE introduced their Selection International Kits with Grape Skins. They started with 4 and have since added 3 more. Can anyone comment on their experiences/impressions with them. I have only made the RJS grape skin kits. Below are the offerings from WE. Thx...
  18. Putterrr

    follow up on a post regarding Mega Purple

    Here is a question for you. If they use this stuff in commercial wineries, do they use it in making wine kits? The reason I ask is that they sell the same kits year after year. We consumers buy them and expect it to taste the same as the last time. Now if the grapes are always changing, are they...
  19. Putterrr

    Other carboys than italian 23L

    This would be for those near Halifax. I have a collection of carboys from a few wine makers to move. 3 - 19L carboys 2 - mexican carboys (can't say how much they hold but its around 23L) I/we only use 23L or 11.5L and the mexican are to fat to fit on my carboy rack . Will sell the 19's...
  20. Putterrr


    Thought this looked interesting, I have never seen a press and crusher listed before. Don't know if the price is reasonable or not and the location would only work for a few of the members here but you never know ...