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  1. pjd

    I need to start bottling!

    Today I realized that i really need to start bottling! I have over 50 carboys, some of them nearly 3 years old that need to be put into bottles. I just received the order forms for California and Italian juices from Luva Bella, just discovered that i can buy Australian Juices from Presque Isle...
  2. pjd

    Meet my new twins!

    Meet my new twins, Mario and Luigi! I am excited to start working with barrels.
  3. pjd

    Cranberry Citrus Mulled Chardonnay

    I seen the recipe that TxBrew posted on Oct 29th and decided to make up a batch for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I doubled it and made it in the crock pot. I'm not sure it will survive till tomorrow. Wow it is good! Thanks for posting it @TxBrew
  4. pjd

    Blending Chilean Reds

    This weekend our sleepy little town of around 4,700 people swelled to nearly 100,000 people to attend Franklin's annual Applefest. It seemed like a great time to retire to the winery until things return to normal. I had 18 gallons each of Zinfandel, Petite Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese...
  5. pjd

    Walkers is now open

    Walkers wine juice is now open for the season. I think i will head up there Saturday and pick up a couple buckets of their Isabella-Blackberry. I bought some of it last year and it is great! I might pick up some of the Port Blend too. I am down to 8 empty carboys so I cannot go too crazy!
  6. pjd

    New Granddaughter

    Celebrating the birth of my 7th grandchild, Kirra Dickey, just born a couple minutes ago. 9 pounds 4 oz. She shares her birthdate with my late grandmother, my late father and her cousin my 5th grandchild!
  7. pjd

    California Grapes

    I just received the price list for California grapes. I am so tempted, I've never done fresh grapes but I do have the press and a couple crushers and its killing me trying to talk myself out of it. How many lugs would I need to fill a couple 6 gallon carboys? 5 or 6 lugs? Dang, i wish i did not...
  8. pjd

    Medical Diagnosis

    I finally have a diagnosis for my wine making obsession!
  9. pjd

    Square bottles for cooking wines

    I make several wines just for cooking. I know it has been said you should never cook with wines that you would not drink. I tend to disagree with that statement. I have made wine from Vidalia onions, Garlic and Jalapeno Peppers that i would not want to drink but is excellent for cooking. I also...
  10. pjd

    Labeling Party

    I think I need to have a labeling party. Since returning from Florida in Mid April, I have bottled a little over 1,200 bottles and still have 8 carboys to go. My problem is labeling them. I printed out the labels this afternoon but i am sure it will take a couple weeks to get them all done. Sure...
  11. pjd

    Cooking wine, wines made only for cooking

    What wines do you make strictly for cooking with and how do you use it? I have made a Vidalia Onion wine that is terrific for cooking a pot roast in the crock pot. I use 1 cup and add 1/2 cup of my fermented hot pepper sauce, a few cloves of garlic and about 1 tablespoon freshly ground black...
  12. pjd

    Hillbilly Duck Hunter

    I just saw this one on Facebook and thought I would share it! :h A hillbilly went hunting one day in West Virginia and bagged three ducks. He put them in the bed of his pickup truck and was about to drive home where he was co...nfronted by an ornery game warden who didn’t like hillbillies.The...
  13. pjd

    Celebrity Moderators

    Ok now if anyone needed proof of the talent on this forum, check out the cover of Lake Erie Lifestyle magazine.... Congratulations Dan Wolfe!
  14. pjd

    My first referment

    I have my very first referment. This is a California Zinfandel that was started from a juice bucket November 19, 2011. from my notes the wine was bottled on August 5th 2012 and the final gravity was .998, a little higher than normal. The wine was clear, tasted great and I needed the carboy so I...
  15. pjd

    Premium Membership to WMT

    A year ago, for some reason, I was given a premium membership to this forum. I really do not know what the benefit of a premium membership is but it was to expire in two weeks. I renewed for the sum of $15.00 which from what they said goes to pay for the expenses of running this forum. I for one...
  16. pjd

    Craigslist Comes through again!

    I have been looking for a wine press and did not want to purchase a new one. They kind of seemed cheap to me. I wanted an old one with a cast iron yoke and screw in decent condition. I can replace any of the wooden parts but I wanted one that was very robust. This is the one I found today: It...
  17. pjd

    Starting my new Wine Yard!

    I love elderberry wine and in my area they are difficult to get. Last year the week before the berries were ripe the Utility Company decided it would be a great time to spray for weeds and destroyed all of the elderberries there. I decided I must grow my own so today I ordered 12 Adams and 15...
  18. pjd

    Caribbean Hot Sauce

    I just made an awesome Caribbean Hot Sauce! I took one ripe medium sized papaya, removed the seeds and skin, cubed it up into a large sauce pan, Added 20 Habenero and Scotch Bonnet peppers, stems removed and roughly chopped, One large sweet onion, roughly chopped, one full bulb of garlic peeled...
  19. pjd

    Orange Blossom Honey Mead Recipe

    OK, I have never made a Mead. I have read every thread on every forum about JAOM. Does anyone have a great recipe for a mead using Orange Blossom Honey? I found a source in Southwest Florida for Orange Blossom Honey for $34 per gallon. I am planning to buy 3 gallons. any suggestions?
  20. pjd

    Nice haul today!

    I have a cousin in Miami that is having a major renovation of her house starting soon. I share my wines with her and in return she saves me all of her empty wine bottles. She informed me that she had a bunch of bottles that needed to be removed because of the pending renovations. I went there to...