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  1. deadhead


    when you repitch do you use the same amount of yeast as the first pitch? less? more?:c
  2. deadhead

    Slow yeast!!!!!!!!!

    last night i left the window open in my bedroom and the temp in the room dropped to like 55-60 F and when i woke up the bubbling in my air locks had slowed dramatically i threw the space heater on em and they started bubbling again but about an hour later they slowed way down again. what could...
  3. deadhead


    anyone know anything about kilju? i just started a half gallon jug for the heck of it.:D
  4. deadhead

    shroom wine

    this is probably a strange or:ot: question but could u make a wine/mead from mushrooms???:a1
  5. deadhead

    jaom recipe Q

    can u substitute the orange in the ancient mead recipe with another fruit like blueberry and still use the same recipe? how would i convert the 1 large orange to other fruits?
  6. deadhead

    first mead

    any advice on starting my first mead? jaom recipe.:a1
  7. deadhead


    does anyone kno anything about making sake? is it true you need a special mold to start the fermentation?:a1
  8. deadhead

    yeast confusion

    can you use bakers yeast from the grocery store to make mead? wine? or does it have to be a brewers yeast?:a1
  9. deadhead

    bacchus's new apprentice

    hi my names spotz from the high desert in southern california and im just looking for sum basic advice on wine making and what all the basic kits can do. i was going to choose home brewing as a hobby but in my own opinion i think that the time and sophistication of wine making is more rewarding...
  10. deadhead

    new to the craft

    hi im new to the whole wine making hobby and am looking for any good advice on starting on the right foot. i know there are kits that can be purchased but can u use those kits to make what i would consider exotic wines such as banana, mint, apricot, etc. or do u have to keep buying the...